CODESubjectTitleAuthorCopyright YearPreview Price-THB
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GVRL-AT-0015agricultural technologyFood Matters: Processed FoodsRebecca Rissman2016Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-AT-0016agricultural technologyFood Matters: Urban FarmingRebecca Rissman2016Click Here ฿1,992
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GVRL-AT-0030agricultural technologyXtreme Insects: BeetlesS.L. Hamilton2015Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-AT-0031agricultural technologyXtreme Insects: FliesS.L. Hamilton2015Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-AT-0032agricultural technologyXtreme Insects: MantisS.L. Hamilton2015Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-AT-0033agricultural technologyXtreme Insects: RoachesS.L. Hamilton2015Click Here ฿1,179
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GVRL-AT-0080agricultural technologyThermal Energy Harvesting for Application at MEMS Scale, 1eSteven Percy/Chris Knight/Scott McGarry/Alex Post/Tim Moore2014Click Here ฿3,334
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GVRL-AT-0085agricultural technologyEye to Eye With Horses: American Quarter HorsesLynn Stone2013Click Here ฿732
GVRL-AT-0086agricultural technologyEye to Eye With Horses: Appaloosa HorsesLynn Stone2013Click Here ฿732
GVRL-AT-0087agricultural technologyEye to Eye With Horses: Arabian HorsesLynn Stone2013Click Here ฿732
GVRL-AT-0088agricultural technologyEye to Eye With Horses: Wild HorsesLynn Stone2013Click Here ฿732
GVRL-AT-0089agricultural technologyField Trips: Butterfly GardensJennifer Gillis2013Click Here ฿732
GVRL-AT-0090agricultural technologyFOOD and SOCIETY: 2V (BUNDLE) 2013Click Here ฿4,635
GVRL-AT-0091agricultural technologyFood and Society: The History of Agriculture 2013Click Here ฿1,504
GVRL-AT-0092agricultural technologyFood and Society: The Science of Nutrition 2013Click Here ฿1,504
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GVRL-AT-0095agricultural technologyMy Science Library I: What's on the Food Chain Menu?Julie K. Lundgren2013Click Here ฿691
GVRL-AT-0096agricultural technologyOn The Farm: Cows on the FarmSusan Meredith2013Click Here ฿691
GVRL-AT-0097agricultural technologyOn The Farm: Horses on the FarmJoanne Mattern2013Click Here ฿691
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GVRL-AT-0100agricultural technologyGarden RescueJo Whittingham2013Click Here ฿1,098
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GVRL-AT-0102agricultural technologyKitchen Gardening For BeginnersSimon Akeroyd2013Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-AT-0103agricultural technologyOutdoor Crafts: Loads of Fun to Make or Do in the Garden 2013Click Here ฿935
GVRL-AT-0104agricultural technologyWhat's That FlowerDudley Edmondson2013Click Here ฿610
GVRL-AT-0105agricultural technologyA Complete Course in Canning and Related Processes V3: Processing Procedures for Canned Food ProductsD. L. Downing2013Click Here ฿17,809
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GVRL-AT-0110agricultural technologyAdvances in Agronomy V122Donald L. Sparks2013Click Here ฿12,727
GVRL-AT-0111agricultural technologyAdvances in Agronomy V123Donald L. Sparks2013Click Here ฿12,727
GVRL-AT-0112agricultural technologyAdvances in Agronomy V124Sparks/Donald2013Click Here ฿12,727
GVRL-AT-0113agricultural technologyAdvances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry V69Derek Horton2013Click Here ฿16,874
GVRL-AT-0114agricultural technologyAdvances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry V70Derek Horton2013Click Here ฿16,874
GVRL-AT-0115agricultural technologyAdvances in Food and Nutrition Research V69 2013Click Here ฿11,995
GVRL-AT-0116agricultural technologyAdvances in Food and Nutrition Research V70 2013Click Here ฿11,995
GVRL-AT-0117agricultural technologyAdvances in Food and Nutrition Research V71 2013Click Here ฿11,995
GVRL-AT-0118agricultural technologyAdvances in Microbial Food Safety 2013Click Here ฿18,460
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GVRL-AT-0120agricultural technologyAnimal MetamorphosisYun-Bo Shi2013Click Here ฿13,052
GVRL-AT-0121agricultural technologyAnimal Models For The Study of Human Disease 2013Click Here ฿19,761
GVRL-AT-0122agricultural technologyBiomass for Energy, Environment, Agriculture and IndustryChartier/Beenackers/Grassi2013Click Here ฿6,221
GVRL-AT-0123agricultural technologyBio-Nanoimaging: Protein Misfolding and Aggregation 2013Click Here ฿13,174
GVRL-AT-0124agricultural technologyBiotechnology and Plant Breeding 2013Click Here ฿5,286
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GVRL-AT-0132agricultural technologyFibre-Rich and Wholegrain Foods 2013Click Here ฿18,460
GVRL-AT-0133agricultural technologyFood Enrichment With Omega-3 Fatty Acids 2013Click Here ฿16,467
GVRL-AT-0134agricultural technologyFood Industry Wastes: Assessment and Recuperation of Commodities 2013Click Here ฿8,579
GVRL-AT-0135agricultural technologyFood Microstructures: Microscopy, Measurement and Modelling 2013Click Here ฿17,484
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GVRL-AT-0145agricultural technologyG Protein Coupled Receptors V521: Trafficking and OligomerizationP. Michael Conn2013Click Here ฿12,320
GVRL-AT-0146agricultural technologyG Protein Coupled Receptors V522: Modeling, Activation, Interactions and Virtual ScreeningP. Michael Conn2013Click Here ฿13,133
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GVRL-AT-0155agricultural technologyHandbook of Food Powders: Processes and Properties 2013Click Here ฿20,777
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GVRL-AT-0161agricultural technologyLaboratory Animal Welfare 2013Click Here ฿13,174
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GVRL-AT-0169agricultural technologyMicrobial Production of Food Ingredients, Enzymes and Nutraceuticals 2013Click Here ฿20,777
GVRL-AT-0170agricultural technologyNew Analytical Approaches for Verifying the Origin of Food 2013Click Here ฿13,540
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GVRL-AT-0175agricultural technologyProtein-Nucleic Acids InteractionsRossen Donev2013Click Here ฿11,303
GVRL-AT-0176agricultural technologyRisk Management for Food Allergy 2013Click Here ฿13,174
GVRL-AT-0177agricultural technologyRole of Animals in Emerging Viral Diseases 2013Click Here ฿5,611
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GVRL-AT-0181agricultural technologyTransparency for Sustainability in the Food ChainGerhard Schiefer/Jivka Deiters2013Click Here ฿2,643
GVRL-AT-0182agricultural technologyTrends in Packaging of Food, Beverages and Other Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 2013Click Here ฿15,166
GVRL-AT-0183agricultural technologyViruses in Food and Water 2013Click Here ฿18,460
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GVRL-AT-0190agricultural technologyEye to Eye with Animals: MarsupialsJeanne Sturm2013Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-AT-0191agricultural technologyEye to Eye with Animals: Perfect PredatorsJoanne Mattern2013Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-AT-0192agricultural technologyEye to Eye with Animals: ScavengersJeanne Sturm2013Click Here ฿1,667
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