CODESubject 1Subject 2TitleAuthorPrint Pub DatePreviewPrice USD
CBO-AR-0001Drama and TheatreAmerican TheatreWriting and the Modern Stage: Theater beyond DramaJulia Jarcho18-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0002Drama and TheatreBritish TheatreWriting the History of the British Stage: 1660-1900Richard Schoch12-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0003Drama and TheatreDrama and Theatre: General InterestA History of Japanese TheatreEdited by Jonah Salz14-Jul-16Click Here210.00
CBO-AR-0004Drama and TheatreDrama and Theatre: General InterestCritical Perspectives on Applied TheatreEdited by Jenny Hughes, Helen Nicholson11-Apr-16Click Here210.00
CBO-AR-0005Drama and TheatreDrama and Theatre: General InterestDramaturgy and Dramatic Character: A Long ViewWilliam Storm17-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0006Drama and TheatreDrama and Theatre: General InterestThe Cambridge Introduction to Performance TheorySimon Shepherd15-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-AR-0103Film, Media, Mass CommunicationFilmExpressionism in the CinemaEdited by Olaf Brill, Gary D Rhodes19-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0104Film, Media, Mass CommunicationFilmReFocus: The Films of Amy HeckerlingEdited by Frances Smith, Timothy Shary19-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0105Film, Media, Mass CommunicationFilmTalkies, Road Movies and Chick Flicks: Gender, Genre and Film Sound in American CinemaHeidi Wilkins19-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0106Film, Media, Mass CommunicationFilmThe Incurable-Image: Curating Post-Mexican Film and Media ArtsTarek Elhaik12-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0107Film, Media, Mass CommunicationFilmStraight Girls and Queer Guys: The Hetero Media Gaze in Film and TelevisionChristopher Pullen18-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0157MusicEighteenth-Century MusicBach: A Musical BiographyPeter Williams01-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0158MusicEighteenth-Century MusicMozart's Music of Friends: Social Interplay in the Chamber WorksEdward Klorman21-Apr-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0159MusicMedieval and Renaissance MusicMusic and Culture in the Middle Ages and Beyond: Liturgy, Sources, SymbolismEdited by Benjamin Brand, David J. Rothenberg27-Oct-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0160MusicMedieval and Renaissance MusicInstrumentalists and Renaissance Culture, 1420-1600: Players of Function and FantasyVictor Coelho, Keith Polk26-May-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0161MusicMusic PerformanceVarieties of Musical Irony: From Mozart to MahlerMichael Cherlin27-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0162MusicMusic: General InterestMusic into Fiction: Composers Writing, Compositions ImitatedTheodore Ziolkowski01-Feb-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0163MusicMusic: General InterestHans RichterChristopher Fifield15-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0164MusicMusic: General InterestMusic in Vienna: 1700, 1800, 1900David Wyn Jones17-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0165MusicMusic: General InterestMy Beloved Man: The Letters of Benjamin Britten and Peter PearsEdited by Vicki P. Stroeher, Nicholas Clark, Jude Brimmer16-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0166MusicMusic: General InterestBenigno Zerafa (1726-1804) and the Neapolitan Galant StyleFrederick Aquilina17-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0167MusicMusic: General InterestVerse and Voice in Byrd's Song Collections of 1588 and 1589Jeremy L. Smith21-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0168MusicNineteenth-Century MusicThe Romantic Overture and Musical Form from Rossini to WagnerSteven Vande Moortele27-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0169MusicNineteenth-Century MusicCheap Print and Popular Song in the Nineteenth Century: A Cultural History of the SongsterEdited by Paul Watt, Derek B. Scott, Patrick Spedding23-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0170MusicNineteenth-Century MusicSchumann's Music and E. T. A. Hoffmann's FictionJohn MacAuslan19-May-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0171MusicNineteenth-Century MusicSchubert's Late Music: History, Theory, StyleEdited by Lorraine Byrne Bodley, Julian Horton07-Apr-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0172MusicNineteenth-Century MusicHarmony in BeethovenDavid Damschroder31-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0173MusicOperaDance and Drama in French Baroque Opera: A HistoryRebecca Harris-Warrick27-Oct-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0174MusicOperaTechnology and the Diva: Sopranos, Opera, and Media from Romanticism to the Digital AgeEdited by Karen Henson12-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0175MusicOperaHandel on the StageDavid Kimbell11-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0176MusicSeventeenth-Century MusicThe Polyphonic Mass in France, 1600-1780: The Evidence of the Printed ChoirbooksJean-Paul C. Montagnier16-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0177MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicDuke Ellington StudiesEdited by John Howland11-May-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0178MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicJazz Italian Style: From its Origins in New Orleans to Fascist Italy and SinatraAnna Harwell Celenza06-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0179MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicErnest Bloch StudiesEdited by Alexander Knapp, Norman Solomon05-Jan-17Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0180MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicPierre Boulez StudiesEdited by Edward Campbell, Peter O'Hagan13-Oct-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0181MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicPerformance Practice in the Music of Steve ReichRussell Hartenberger06-Oct-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0182MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicUnderstanding Video Game MusicTim Summers, Foreword by James Hannigan08-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0183MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicThe Graph Music of Morton FeldmanDavid Cline26-May-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0184MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicExpanding the Horizon of Electroacoustic Music AnalysisEdited by Simon Emmerson, Leigh Landy07-Apr-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0185MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicSchoenberg and Hollywood ModernismKenneth H. Marcus14-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-AR-0186MusicTwentieth-Century and Contemporary MusicLuigi Nono: A Composer in ContextCarola Nielinger-Vakil07-Jan-16Click Here135.00