CODESubject 1Subject 2TitleAuthorPrint Pub DatePreviewPrice USD
CBO-HU-0001English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureThe Evolution of Verse Structure in Old and Middle English Poetry: From the Earliest Alliterative Poems to Iambic PentameterGeoffrey Russom07-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0002English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureNew Medieval Literatures 17Edited by David Lawton, Laura Ashe, Wendy Scase17-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0003English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteraturePetrarch and the Literary Culture of Nineteenth-Century France: Translation, Appropriation, TransformationJennifer Rushworth17-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0004English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureThe Psalms and Medieval English Literature: From the Conversion to the ReformationWith contributions by Annie Sutherland, Daniel Anlezark, David Lawton, Elizabeth Solopova, Edited by Francis Leneghan, With contributions by Jane Roberts, Katherine Zieman, Lynn Staley, M J Toswell, M17-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0005English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureShaping the Archive in Late Medieval England: History, Poetry, and PerformanceSarah Elliott Novacich10-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0006English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureMedieval English Theatre 38: The Best Pairt of our Play. Essays presented to John J. McGavin. Part IIEdited by Meg Twycross, Pamela M. King, Sarah Carpenter, Greg Walker18-Feb-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0007English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureBeds and Chambers in Late Medieval England: Readings, Representations and RealitiesHollie L.S. Morgan17-Feb-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0008English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureThe Manuscript and Meaning of Malory's Morte Darthur: Rubrication, Commemoration, MemorializationK.S. Whetter20-Jan-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0009English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureProphecy, Politics and Place in Medieval England: From Geoffrey of Monmouth to Thomas of ErceldouneVictoria Flood15-Dec-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0010English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureEnglish Alliterative Verse: Poetic Tradition and Literary HistoryEric Weiskott27-Oct-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0011English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureTranslators and their Prologues in Medieval EnglandElizabeth Dearnley15-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0012English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureStudies in Medievalism XXV: Medievalism and ModernityEdited by Karl Fugelso, With Joshua Davies, Sarah Salih, With contributions by Katherine A. Brown, Edward George Breen, Catherine A M Clarke, Louise D'Arcens, John Lance Griffith, Michael John Horswel21-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0013English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureDirect Speech in Beowulf and Other Old English Narrative PoemsElise Louviot16-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0014English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureMedieval into Renaissance: Essays for Helen CooperWith contributions by Andrew King, Matthew Woodcock, Joyce Boro, Alexandra Gillespie, Mary C. Flannery, James Wade, Nandini Das, Megan G. Leitch, Aisling Byrne, Robert Maslen, Jason Powell, Helen Vinc19-May-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0015English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureThe Classicist Writings of Thomas Walsingham: `Worldly Cares' at St Albans Abbey in the Fourteenth CenturySylvia Federico19-May-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0016English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureTextiles, Text, Intertext: Essays in Honour of Gale R. Owen-CrockerEdited by Maren Clegg Hyer, With contributions by Jill Frederick, Elaine Treharne, Joyce Hill, Elizabeth Coatsworth, Marilina Cesario, Michael Lewis, Paul E Szarmach, Martin Foys, Catherine E. Karkov,18-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0017English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureFounding Feminisms in Medieval Studies: Essays in Honor of E. Jane BurnsEdited by Laine E. Doggett, Daniel E. O'Sullivan17-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0018English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureNew Medieval LiteraturesEdited by Laura Ashe, David Lawton, Wendy Scase, With contributions by Alexis Kellner Becker, Emily Dolmans, Marcel Elias, Philip Knox, Sebastian Langdell, Jonathan Morton, Marco Nievergelt, George Yo17-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0019English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureThe Hundred Years War in Literature, 1337-1600Joanna Bellis17-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0020English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureThe Prose Brut and Other Late Medieval Chronicles: Books have their Histories. Essays in Honour of Lister M. MathesonWith contributions by Jaclyn Rajsic, Edited by Erik Kooper, Dominique Hoche, With contributions by Christine Rose, Caroline Eckhardt, E S Kooper, Elizabeth Bryan, A S G Edwards, Dan Embree, Edward Don17-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0021English LiteratureAnglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureImagining Medieval English: Language Structures and Theories, 500-1500Edited by Tim William Machan25-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0022English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830The Secret History in Literature, 1660-1820Edited by Rebecca Bullard, Rachel Carnell24-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0023English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830Women Wanderers and the Writing of Mobility, 1784-1814Ingrid Horrocks23-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0024English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830Romanticism, Self-Canonization, and the Business of PoetryMichael Gamer17-Feb-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0025English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830Wordsworth and the Art of Philosophical TravelMark Offord07-Jul-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0026English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830New Perspectives on MalthusEdited by Robert J. Mayhew20-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0027English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830Thomas Traherne and Seventeenth-Century ThoughtEdited by Elizabeth S. Dodd, Cassandra Gorman16-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0028English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830The Rhetoric of Diversion in English Literature and Culture, 1690-1760Darryl P. Domingo29-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0029English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830Samuel Richardson and the Art of Letter-WritingLouise Curran17-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0030English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1700-1830Shakespeare and the Eighteenth-Century Novel: Cultures of Quotation from Samuel Richardson to Jane AustenKate Rumbold08-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0031English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1830-1900Journalism and the Periodical Press in Nineteenth-Century BritainEdited by Joanne Shattock16-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0032English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1830-1900Darwin and Women: A Selection of LettersCharles Darwin, Edited by Samantha Evans05-Jan-17Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0033English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1830-1900Evolution and Imagination in Victorian Children's LiteratureJessica Straley06-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0034English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1830-1900Science, Fiction, and the Fin-de-Siècle Periodical PressWill Tattersdill29-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0035English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1830-1900Writing Arctic Disaster: Authorship and ExplorationAdriana Craciun10-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0036English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1830-1900Anthony Trollope's Late Style: Victorian Liberalism and Literary FormFrederik Van Dam19-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0037English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Beckett's Art of Salvage: Writing and Material Imagination, 1932-1987Julie Bates19-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0038English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Thomas Hardy and AnimalsAnna West19-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0039English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Literature, Ethics, and the EmotionsKenneth Asher03-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0040English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Poetry, Modernism, and an Imperfect WorldSean Pryor06-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0041English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Landscapes of Decadence: Literature and Place at the Fin de SiècleAlex Murray01-Dec-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0042English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Joyce's Dante: Exile, Memory, and CommunityJames Robinson01-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0043English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Ecocriticism in the Modernist Imagination: Forster, Woolf, and AudenKelly Elizabeth Sultzbach24-Aug-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0044English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Housing, Class and Gender in Modern British Writing, 1880-2012Emily Cuming24-Aug-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0045English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945Modernism and the Materiality of TextsEyal Amiran27-Jul-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0046English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945The Value of James JoyceMargot Norris21-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0047English LiteratureEnglish Literature 1900-1945The Value of Virginia WoolfMadelyn Detloff08-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0048English LiteratureEnglish Literature: General InterestA History of British Working Class LiteratureEdited by John Goodridge, Bridget Keegan27-Apr-17Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0049English LiteratureEnglish Literature: General InterestA History of New Zealand LiteratureEdited by Mark Williams19-Apr-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0050English LiteratureEnglish Literature: General InterestA History of English AutobiographyEdited by Adam Smyth31-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0051English LiteratureEnglish Literature: General InterestLiterature in the Digital Age: An IntroductionAdam Hammond03-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0052English LiteratureEnglish Literature: General InterestChildren's Fantasy Literature: An IntroductionMichael Levy, Farah Mendlesohn31-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0053English LiteratureLiterary TheoryIs Theory Good for the Jews?Bruno Chaouat16-Dec-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0054English LiteratureLiterary TheoryA Global History of Literature and the EnvironmentEdited by John Parham, Louise Westling01-Dec-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0055English LiteratureLiterary TheoryNarrative Theory: A Critical IntroductionKent Puckett07-Nov-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0056English LiteratureLiterary TheoryLacan, Psychoanalysis, and ComedyEdited by Patricia Gherovici, Manya Steinkoler02-Aug-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0057English LiteratureLiterary TheoryContaminations: Beyond Dialectics in Modern Literature, Science and FilmMichael Mack02-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0058English LiteraturePrinting and Publishing HistoryCanonical Texts and Scholarly Practices: A Global Comparative ApproachEdited by Anthony Grafton, Glenn W. Most07-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0059English LiteraturePrinting and Publishing HistoryThe Stationers' Company and the Printers of London, 1501-1557Peter W. M. Blayney11-Jan-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0060English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureShakespeare, Music and PerformanceEdited by Bill Barclay, David Lindley13-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0061English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureWomen Writing the English Republic, 1625-1681Katharine Gillespie07-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0062English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureShakespeare for Freedom: Why the Plays MatterEwan Fernie16-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0063English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureWrestling with Shylock: Jewish Responses to The Merchant of VeniceEdited by Edna Nahshon, Michael Shapiro10-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0064English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureMilton and the Burden of FreedomWarren Chernaik20-Jan-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0065English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureShakespeare and the Admiral's Men: Reading across Repertories on the London Stage, 1594-1600Tom Rutter16-Jan-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0066English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureShakespeare, Popularity and the Public SphereJeffrey S. Doty16-Jan-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0067English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureEdmund Spenser in ContextEdited by Andrew Escobedo01-Sep-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0068English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureA Mirror for Magistrates in Context: Literature, History and Politics in Early Modern EnglandEdited by Harriet Archer, Andrew Hadfield15-Aug-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0069English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureThe Memory Arts in Renaissance England: A Critical AnthologyEdited by William E. Engel, Rory Loughnane, Grant Williams28-Jul-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0070English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureEditing Early Modern WomenEdited by Sarah C. E. Ross, Paul Salzman21-Jul-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0071English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureThe Elizabethan Country House Entertainment: Print, Performance and GenderElizabeth Zeman Kolkovich04-Jul-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0072English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureShakespeare and Manuscript Drama: Canon, Collaboration and TextJames Purkis13-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0073English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureThe Value of MiltonJohn Leonard01-Jun-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0074English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureGeorge Herbert: 100 PoemsGeorge Herbert, Edited by Helen Wilcox19-May-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0075English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureWriting Performative Shakespeares: New Forms for Performance CriticismRob Conkie24-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0076English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureSelling Shakespeare: Biography, Bibliography, and the Book TradeAdam G. Hooks15-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0077English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureMemory and Intertextuality in Renaissance LiteratureRaphael Lyne09-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0078English LiteratureRenaissance and Early Modern LiteratureShakespeare's Literary Lives: The Author as Character in Fiction and FilmPaul Franssen21-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0079European and World LiteratureAsian LiteratureA History of Indian Poetry in EnglishEdited by Rosinka Chaudhuri29-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0080European and World LiteratureEuropean and World Literature: General InterestThe World of the Khanty Epic Hero-Princes: An Exploration of a Siberian Oral TraditionArthur Hatto02-Feb-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0081European and World LiteratureEuropean and World Literature: General InterestBiopunk Dystopias Genetic Engineering, Society and Science FictionLars Schmeink09-Dec-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0082European and World LiteratureEuropean and World Literature: General InterestTouchstones: John McGahern's Classical StyleFrank Shovlin11-Nov-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0083European and World LiteratureEuropean and World Literature: General InterestBenjamin Disraeli and John Murray: The Politician, The Publisher and The RepresentativeRegina Akel15-Jul-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0084European and World LiteratureEuropean and World Literature: General InterestThe Palestinian Novel: From 1948 to the PresentBashir Abu-Manneh26-Apr-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0085European and World LiteratureEuropean and World Literature: General InterestPublishing Africa in French: Literary Institutions and Decolonization 1945-1967Ruth Bush05-Feb-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0086European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureNexus 3: Essays in German Jewish StudiesWith contributions by Abigail Gillman, Angela Botelho, Edward Timms, Egon Schwarz, Emma Woelk, Georg Mein, Jay Geller, Jeffery L. Sammons, Jeffrey A. Grossman, Leo Lensing, Liliane Weissberg, Edited b15-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0087European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureSecret Police Files from the Eastern Bloc: Between Surveillance and Life WritingWith contributions by Alison Lewis, Aniko Szucs, Annie Ring, Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, Edited by Corina L. Petrescu, With contributions by Ulrike Garde, Edited by Valentina Glajar, With contributio15-Dec-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0088European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureThe Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 40Edited by Theodore F. Rippey08-Dec-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0089European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureWriting the Revolution: The Construction of "1968" in GermanyIngo Cornils15-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0090European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureA Handbook to Eddic Poetry: Myths and Legends of Early ScandinaviaEdited by Carolyne Larrington, Judy Quinn, Brittany Schorn19-Aug-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0091European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureMountain of Destiny: Nanga Parbat and Its Path into the German ImaginationHarald Höbusch01-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0092European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureNovel Affinities: Composing the Family in the German Novel, 1795-1830Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge15-May-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0093European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureRereading East Germany: The Literature and Film of the GDREdited by Karen Leeder14-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0094European and World LiteratureEuropean LiteratureDostoevsky in ContextEdited by Deborah A. Martinsen, Olga Maiorova05-Jan-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0095European and World LiteratureLatin American LiteratureA History of Mexican LiteratureEdited by Ignacio M. Sänchez Prado, Anna M. Nogar, José Ramón Ruisánchez Serra24-Jun-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0096European and World LiteratureLatin American LiteratureA History of Colombian LiteratureEdited by Raymond Leslie Williams13-Jun-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0097Language and LinguisticsApplied LinguisticsLanguage Learning and the Brain: Lexical Processing in Second Language AcquisitionUlf Schütze01-Oct-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0098Language and LinguisticsApplied LinguisticsThe Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Multi-CompetenceEdited by Vivian Cook, Li Wei26-Apr-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0099Language and LinguisticsAsian Language and LinguisticsThe Social Life of the Japanese Language: Cultural Discourse and Situated PracticeShigeko Okamoto, Janet S. Shibamoto-Smith04-Aug-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0100Language and LinguisticsAsian Language and LinguisticsUsing Japanese SynonymsA. E. Backhouse16-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0101Language and LinguisticsAsian Language and LinguisticsA Reference Grammar of ChineseEdited by Chu-Ren Huang, Dingxu Shi31-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0102Language and LinguisticsAsian Language and LinguisticsCommunicating with Asia: The Future of English as a Global LanguageEdited by Gerhard Leitner, Azirah Hashim, Hans-Georg Wolf11-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0103Language and LinguisticsCognitive LinguisticsThe Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive LinguisticsEdited by Barbara Dancygier01-Jun-17Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0104Language and LinguisticsDiscourse AnalysisDiscourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change in English: New Methods and InsightsEdited by Heike Pichler02-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0105Language and LinguisticsEnglish Language and Linguistics: General InterestThe Wonders of Language: Or How to Make Noises and Influence PeopleIan Roberts09-Feb-17Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0106Language and LinguisticsEnglish Language and Linguistics: General InterestWomen Talk More Than Men: ... And Other Myths about Language ExplainedAbby Kaplan11-Apr-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0107Language and LinguisticsEnglish Language and Linguistics: General InterestChomsky: Ideas and IdealsNeil Smith, Nicholas Allott01-Jan-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0108Language and LinguisticsEuropean Language and LinguisticsRussian Speakers in Post-Soviet Latvia: Discursive Identity StrategiesAmmon Cheskin18-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0109Language and LinguisticsEvolution of LanguageLanguage Evolution: The Windows ApproachRudolf Botha02-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0110Language and LinguisticsGrammar and SyntaxThe Cambridge Handbook of Areal LinguisticsEdited by Raymond Hickey20-Apr-17Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0111Language and LinguisticsGrammar and SyntaxLanguage Contact in Europe: The Periphrastic Perfect through HistoryBridget Drinka01-Dec-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0112Language and LinguisticsGrammar and SyntaxThe Cambridge Handbook of Historical SyntaxEdited by Adam Ledgeway, Ian Roberts01-Dec-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0113Language and LinguisticsGrammar and SyntaxThe Syntactic Structures of Korean: A Construction Grammar PerspectiveJong-Bok Kim28-Jul-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0114Language and LinguisticsGrammar and SyntaxThe Linguistic Typology of TemplatesJeff Good11-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0115Language and LinguisticsGrammar and SyntaxLanguage Faculty ScienceHajime Hoji31-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0116Language and LinguisticsGrammar and SyntaxRegional Variation in Written American EnglishJack Grieve25-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0117Language and LinguisticsHistorical LinguisticsThe Cambridge Handbook of English Historical LinguisticsEdited by Merja Kytö, Päivi Pahta31-Mar-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0118Language and LinguisticsHistory of the English LanguageA Brief History of English SyntaxOlga Fischer, Hendrik De Smet, Wim van der Wurff08-Jun-17Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0119Language and LinguisticsHistory of the English LanguageRussian English: History, Functions, and FeaturesEdited by Zoya G. Proshina, Anna A. Eddy06-Oct-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0120Language and LinguisticsHistory of the English LanguageLong-Vowel Shifts in English, c. 1050-1700: Evidence from SpellingGjertrud Flermoen Stenbrenden11-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0121Language and LinguisticsMorphologyThe Cambridge Handbook of MorphologyEdited by Andrew Hippisley, Gregory Stump01-Nov-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0122Language and LinguisticsMorphologyEnglish Nouns: The Ecology of NominalizationRochelle Lieber01-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0123Language and LinguisticsMorphologyThe Semantics of CompoundingEdited by Pius ten Hacken21-Apr-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0124Language and LinguisticsPhonetics and PhonologyDimensions of Phonological StressEdited by Jeffrey Heinz, Rob Goedemans, Harry van der Hulst01-Nov-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0125Language and LinguisticsPhonetics and PhonologyIntonation and Prosodic StructureCaroline Féry01-Nov-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0126Language and LinguisticsPhonetics and PhonologySounds Fascinating: Further Observations on English Phonetics and PhonologyJ. C. Wells19-Sep-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0127Language and LinguisticsPhonetics and PhonologyUptalk: The Phenomenon of Rising IntonationPaul Warren05-Jan-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0128Language and LinguisticsPsycholinguistics and NeurolinguisticsIntroducing Language and Cognition: A Map of the MindMichael Sharwood Smith01-Dec-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0129Language and LinguisticsPsycholinguistics and NeurolinguisticsCase Studies in Communication DisordersLouise Cummings01-Sep-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0130Language and LinguisticsPsycholinguistics and NeurolinguisticsAwareness and Control in Sociolinguistic ResearchEdited by Anna M. Babel21-Jul-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0131Language and LinguisticsResearch Methods in LinguisticsThe Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic TypologyEdited by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, R. M. W. Dixon01-Jan-17Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0132Language and LinguisticsResearch Methods in LinguisticsMixed Methods: Interviews, Surveys, and Cross-Cultural ComparisonsRobert W. Schrauf01-Nov-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0133Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsPoliteness, Impoliteness and Ritual: Maintaining the Moral Order in Interpersonal InteractionDániel Z. Kádár27-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0134Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsSemantics for Counting and MeasuringSusan Rothstein06-Apr-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0135Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsThe Cambridge Handbook of Formal SemanticsEdited by Maria Aloni, Paul Dekker07-Jul-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0136Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsPragmatic Markers in British English: Meaning in Social InteractionKate Beeching31-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0137Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsModality and Propositional AttitudesMichael Hegarty25-Jan-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0138Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsCommunication Accommodation Theory: Negotiating Personal Relationships and Social Identities across ContextsEdited by Howard Giles18-Aug-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0139Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsLanguage and the Law: Linguistic Inequality in AmericaDouglas A. Kibbee25-Jul-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0140Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsDialect Matters: Respecting Vernacular LanguagePeter Trudgill01-Jul-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0141Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsLanguage Maintenance and ShiftAnne Pauwels01-Jul-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0142Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsSociolinguistics: Theoretical DebatesEdited by Nikolas Coupland20-Jun-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0143Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsTeen Talk: The Language of AdolescentsSali A. Tagliamonte06-Jun-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0144Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsSociolinguistics from the Periphery: Small Languages in New CircumstancesSari Pietikäinen, Alexandra Jaffe, Helen Kelly-Holmes, Nikolas Coupland02-Jun-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0145Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsLanguage and Development in Africa: Perceptions, Ideologies and ChallengesH. Ekkehard Wolff26-May-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0146PhilosophyClassical PhilosophyPlato on the Value of Philosophy: The Art of Argument in the Gorgias and PhaedrusTushar Irani30-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0147PhilosophyClassical PhilosophyPlato on the Metaphysical Foundation of Meaning and TruthBlake E. Hestir30-Mar-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0148PhilosophyEarly Modern PhilosophySpinoza's 'Ethics': A Critical GuideEdited by Yitzhak Y. Melamed25-May-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0149PhilosophyEighteenth-Century PhilosophyKant and the Laws of NatureEdited by Michela Massimi, Angela Breitenbach16-Mar-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0150PhilosophyEighteenth-Century PhilosophyKant's Theory of Normativity: Exploring the Space of ReasonKonstantin Pollok02-Feb-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0151PhilosophyEighteenth-Century PhilosophyUnderstanding Kant's EthicsMichael Cholbi31-Oct-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0152PhilosophyEighteenth-Century PhilosophyFichte's Foundations of Natural Right: A Critical GuideEdited by Gabriel Gottlieb15-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0153PhilosophyEighteenth-Century PhilosophyKant's AnalyticJonathan Bennett01-May-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0154PhilosophyEighteenth-Century PhilosophyKant's DialecticJonathan Bennett01-May-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0155PhilosophyEpistemology and MetaphysicsBelievable EvidenceVeli Mitova25-May-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0156PhilosophyEpistemology and MetaphysicsKnowledge, Dexterity, and Attention: A Theory of Epistemic AgencyAbrol Fairweather, Carlos Montemayor18-May-17Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0157PhilosophyEpistemology and MetaphysicsThinking about Free WillPeter van Inwagen06-Mar-17Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0158PhilosophyEpistemology and MetaphysicsThe Epistemic Dimensions of IgnoranceEdited by Rik Peels, Martijn Blaauw22-Dec-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0159PhilosophyEpistemology and MetaphysicsKnowledge and the Gettier ProblemStephen Hetherington01-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0160PhilosophyEpistemology and MetaphysicsWhat is a Law of Nature?D. M. Armstrong01-May-16Click Here210.00
CBO-HU-0161PhilosophyEthicsEthics in the Conflicts of Modernity: An Essay on Desire, Practical Reasoning, and NarrativeAlasdair MacIntyre14-Nov-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0162PhilosophyEthicsReasonableness and Fairness: A Historical TheoryChristopher McMahon03-Nov-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0163PhilosophyEthicsThomas Aquinas on War and PeaceGregory M. Reichberg13-Oct-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0164PhilosophyEthicsRevenge and Social ConflictKit R. Christensen15-Sep-16Click Here135.00
CBO-HU-0165PhilosophyEthicsSour Grapes: Studies in the Subversion of RationalityJon Elster01-Jun-16Click Here210.00
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CBO-HU-0251ReligionBiblical Studies - New TestamentBiblical Criticism in Early Modern Europe: Erasmus, the Johannine Comma and Trinitarian DebateGrantley McDonald27-Jul-16Click Here135.00
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