CODESubjectsTITLEAuthorCopyright YearPreview Price-THB
GVRL-AR-0002ArtBritannica's Practical Guide to the Arts: DrawingTrenton Hamilton2017Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0003ArtBritannica's Practical Guide to the Arts: MusicRussell Kuhtz2017Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0004ArtBritannica's Practical Guide to the Arts: PaintingDenis McGuinness2017Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0005ArtBritannica's Practical Guide to the Arts: PhotographyTrenton Hamilton2017Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0006ArtBritannica's Practical Guide to the Arts: SculptureCleo Kuhtz2017Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0007ArtVideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2017 2017Click Here 1,789
GVRL-AR-0008ArtMusicals in Film: A Guide to the GenreThomas S. Hischak2016Click Here 4,107
GVRL-AR-0009ArtBig Ideas Simply Explained: The Movie Book 2016Click Here 1,586
GVRL-AR-0010ArtMagill's Cinema Annual 2016 2016Click Here 15,248
GVRL-AR-0011ArtDiscovering Art: Comic Book ArtHal Marcovitz2016Click Here 2,440
GVRL-AR-0012ArtMUSIC LIBRARY: 14V (BUNDLE) 2016Click Here 33,341
GVRL-AR-0013ArtIdiot's Guides: Zen DoodlingDavid Williams2015Click Here 1,220
GVRL-AR-0014ArtMagill's Cinema Annual 2015 2015Click Here 15,248
GVRL-AR-0015ArtBut Is It Art: Art InstallationsAlix Wood2015Click Here 1,626
GVRL-AR-0016ArtBut Is It Art: Body ArtAlix Wood2015Click Here 1,626
GVRL-AR-0017ArtBut Is It Art: GraffitiAlix Wood2015Click Here 1,626
GVRL-AR-0018ArtBut Is It Art: Urban Street ArtAlix Wood2015Click Here 1,626
GVRL-AR-0019ArtEncyclopedia of War Journalism, 3eMitchel P. Roth2015Click Here 10,002
GVRL-AR-0020ArtAnalyzing Art, Culture, and Design in the Digital AgeGianluca Mura2015Click Here 11,182
GVRL-AR-0021ArtDiscovering Art: AnimationStuart A. Kallen2015Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0022ArtDiscovering Art: Anime and MangaJohn Allen2015Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0023ArtDiscovering Art: Graphic ArtGail B. Stewart2015Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0024ArtDiscovering Art: ImpressionismKris Hirschmann2015Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0025ArtDiscovering Art: SculptureStuart A. Kallen2015Click Here 2,196
GVRL-AR-0026ArtUltimate Manga: How to Draw Action Manga?Marc Powell2015Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0027ArtUltimate Manga: How to Draw Cute Manga?Marc Powell2015Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0028ArtUltimate Manga: How to Draw Dramatic Manga?Marc Powell2015Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0029ArtUltimate Manga: How to Draw Fantasy Manga?Marc Powell2015Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0030ArtUltimate Manga: How to Draw Manga Adventure?Marc Powell2015Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0031ArtUltimate Manga: How to Draw Manga Mecha?Marc Powell2015Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0032ArtBritannica Common Core Library I: What Is A Fable?Robyn Hardyman2014Click Here 1,220
GVRL-AR-0033ArtBritannica Common Core Library I: What Is A Folktale?Geoff Barker2014Click Here 1,220
GVRL-AR-0034ArtBritannica Common Core Library I: What Is A Legend?Robyn Hardyman2014Click Here 1,220
GVRL-AR-0035ArtBritannica Common Core Library I: What Is A Myth?Geoff Barker2014Click Here 1,220
GVRL-AR-0036ArtBritannica Common Core Library I: What Is A Poem?Geoff Barker2014Click Here 1,220
GVRL-AR-0037ArtBritannica Common Core Library I: What Is Fairy Tale?Robyn Hardyman2014Click Here 1,220
GVRL-AR-0038ArtPeople You Should Know I: Top 101 Artists 2014Click Here 1,830
GVRL-AR-0039ArtPeople You Should Know I: Top 101 Musicians 2014Click Here 1,830
GVRL-AR-0040ArtIdiot's Guides: QuiltingJennifer Fulton2014Click Here 1,220
GVRL-AR-0041ArtIdiot's Guides: Singing, 2ePhyllis Fulford/Michael Miller2014Click Here 1,342
GVRL-AR-0042ArtHandmade Gifts 2014Click Here 1,342
GVRL-AR-0043ArtMusic 2014Click Here 3,050
GVRL-AR-0044ArtMagill's Cinema Annual 2014 2014Click Here 15,248
GVRL-AR-0045ArtMusic Library: Art of Song WritingJenny Mackay2014Click Here 2,399
GVRL-AR-0046ArtMusic Library: History of Gospel Music, 2013Adam Woog2014Click Here 2,399
GVRL-AR-0047ArtMusic Library: History of R&B and Soul MusicStuart A. Kallen2014Click Here 2,399
GVRL-AR-0048ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Listen to Classical MusicColleen Hord2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0049ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Listen to JazzColleen Hord2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0050ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Listen to Patriotic MusicSneed Collard2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0051ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Listen to Rock 'N' RollTom Greve2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0052ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Listen to World MusicJennifer Reed2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0053ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Look At CubismSneed Collard2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0054ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Look At Impressionist ArtJ. Jean Robertson2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0055ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Look At Pop ArtKeli Sipperley2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0056ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Look At Renaissance ArtJ. Jean Robertson2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0057ArtLittle World Art and Music: A Look At Urban ArtTom Greve2014Click Here 1,667
GVRL-AR-0058ArtSage Handbook of Popular MusicAndy Bennett2014Click Here 12,076
GVRL-AR-0059ArtInspired by True Events: An Illustrated Guide to More Than 500 History-Based Films, 2eRobert Niemi2013Click Here 6,058
GVRL-AR-0060ArtStreet Food around the World, An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture 2013Click Here 6,058
GVRL-AR-0061ArtIcons of the American Comic Book: From Captain America to Wonder Woman, 2VRandy Duncan/Matthew J. Smiths2013Click Here 11,425
GVRL-AR-0062ArtAlternative, Country, Hip-Hop, Rap, and More: Music from the 1980s to Today 2013Click Here 1,504
GVRL-AR-0063ArtBirth of Rock and Roll: Music in 1950s Through 1960s 2013Click Here 1,504
GVRL-AR-0065ArtCreative Crafts for Kids: Fabulous Fashion CraftsTracy Maurer2013Click Here 813
GVRL-AR-0066ArtCreative Crafts for Kids: Fingernail ArtTracy Maurer2013Click Here 813
GVRL-AR-0067ArtCreative Crafts for Kids: Scrapbook StartersTracy Maurer2013Click Here 813
GVRL-AR-0068ArtDisco, Punk, New Wave, Heavy Metal, and More: Music in the 1970s and 1980s 2013Click Here 1,504
GVRL-AR-0069ArtEXPLORE and DRAW: 9V (BUNDLE) 2013Click Here 10,328
GVRL-AR-0070ArtExplore and Draw: Big CatsMonica Halpern2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0071ArtExplore and Draw: DinosaursAnn Becker2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0072ArtExplore and Draw: Extreme SportsMonica Halpern2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0073ArtExplore and Draw: HorsesAnn Becker2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0074ArtExplore and Draw: Knights and CastlesAnn Becker2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0075ArtExplore and Draw: MotorcyclesGare Thompson2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0076ArtExplore and Draw: SharksGare Thompson2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0077ArtExplore and Draw: WhalesGare Thompson2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0078ArtExplore and Draw: Wizards Witches and DragonsAnn Becker2013Click Here 732
GVRL-AR-0080ArtSounds of Rebellion: Music in the 1960s 2013Click Here 1,504
GVRL-AR-0081ArtArt That Changed The World 2013Click Here 2,440
GVRL-AR-0082ArtMagill's Cinema Annual 2013 2013Click Here 15,248
GVRL-AR-0083ArtBeating the Odds: the Life and Times of E.A. MilneMeg Weston-Smith2013Click Here 1,708
GVRL-AR-0084ArtMusic Library: History of BluesMichael V. Uschan2013Click Here 2,399
GVRL-AR-0085ArtMusic Library: History of Classical MusicStuart A. Kallen2013Click Here 2,399
GVRL-AR-0086ArtMusic Library: History of Latin MusicStuart A. Kallen2013Click Here 2,399
GVRL-AR-0087ArtMusic Library: Instruments of Music, 2013Stuart A. Kallen2013Click Here 2,399
GVRL-AR-0088ArtA Companion to The Historical FilmRosenstone2013Click Here 12,157
GVRL-AR-0089ArtFor Dummies Series: Phonetics for DummiesWoods2013Click Here 2,440
GVRL-AR-0090ArtHollywood StardomMcDonald2013Click Here 8,701
GVRL-AR-0091ArtSong, Songs and SingingBicknell2013Click Here 10,165
GVRL-AR-0092ArtA Companion to Renaissance and Baroque ArtBabette Bohn/James M. Saslow2013Click Here 11,791
GVRL-AR-0093ArtA Companion toBritish Art: 1600 to the PresentDana Arnold/David P. Corbett2013Click Here 11,791