CODESubjectsTitleAuthorCopyright Yearpreview Price-THB
GVRL-EDU-0001EducationScholarships, Fellowships and Loans, 34e 3V 2017Click Here ฿25,819
GVRL-EDU-0002EducationCollege Blue Book, 44e 6V 2017Click Here ฿41,880
GVRL-EDU-0003EducationAdult Education and Vocational Training in the Digital AgeVictor C.X. Wang2017Click Here ฿11,507
GVRL-EDU-0004EducationDigital Tools for Seamless LearningSuleyman Nihat Sad/Martin Ebner2017Click Here ฿12,076
GVRL-EDU-0005EducationEngaging 21st Century Writers with Social MediaKendra N. Bryant2017Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0006EducationEnhancing Academic Research With Knowledge Management PrinciplesDhananjay Subhashchandra Deshpande/Narayan Bhosale2017Click Here ฿12,076
GVRL-EDU-0007EducationFlipped Instruction Methods and Digital Technologies in the Language Learning ClassroomJohn Paul Loucky/Jean L. Ware2017Click Here ฿10,002
GVRL-EDU-0008EducationFlipped Instruction: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice 2017Click Here ฿19,029
GVRL-EDU-0009EducationMoving Students of Color from Consumers to Producers of TechnologyYolanda Rankin/Jakita Thomas2017Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0010EducationStudent Experiences and Educational Outcomes in Community Engagement for the 21st CenturyCathryn Crosby/Frederick Brockmeier2017Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0011EducationSupporting the Education of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersYefim Kats2017Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0012EducationGlobal Educator: Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning and TeachingJulie Lindsay2017Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0013EducationCORWIN PRESS COLLECTION #10 (NOT USING)(BUNDLE) 2017Click Here ฿49,402
GVRL-EDU-0014EducationStudent Athlete's Guide to College SuccessAlgerian Hart/F. Erik Brooks2016Click Here ฿2,358
GVRL-EDU-0015EducationCollaborating for Inquiry-Based Learning: School Librarians and Teachers Partner For Student Achievement, 2eVirginia L. Wallace/Whitney N. Husid2016Click Here ฿3,050
GVRL-EDU-0016EducationTeaching and Learning in Virtual Environments: Archives, Museums, and LibrariesLori Bell/Patricia C. Franks/Rhonda Trueman2016Click Here ฿3,944
GVRL-EDU-0017EducationIn Common No More: The Politics of the Common Core State StandardsArnold F. Shober2016Click Here ฿2,236
GVRL-EDU-0018EducationA Global Perspective on Private Higher EducationMahsood Shah/Chenicheri Sid Nair2016Click Here ฿4,961
GVRL-EDU-0019EducationScholarships, Fellowships and Loans, 33e 3V (NVA) 2016Click Here ฿24,599
GVRL-EDU-0020EducationComparative Guide to American Elementary and Secondary Schools, 2016/2017David Garoogian2016Click Here ฿9,067
GVRL-EDU-0021EducationAdvances in Early Childhood and K-12 Education: Critical Examinations of School Violence and Disturbance in K-12 EducationGordon A. Crews2016Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0022EducationAdvances in Early Childhood and K-12 Education: Improving K-12 STEM Education Outcomes through Technological IntegrationMichael J. Urban/David A. Falvo2016Click Here ฿13,011
GVRL-EDU-0023EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: Emerging Tools and Applications of Virtual Reality in EducationDong Hwa Choi2016Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0024EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: Handbook of Research on Active Learning and the Flipped Classroom Model in the Digital AgeJared Keengwe/Grace Onchwari2016Click Here ฿18,134
GVRL-EDU-0025EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: Handbook of Research on Applied Learning Theory and Design in Modern Education, 2VElena Railean/Gabriela Walker/Atilla Elci/Liz Jackson2016Click Here ฿24,152
GVRL-EDU-0026EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: Handbook of Research on Cloud-Based STEM Education for Improved Learning OutcomesLee Chao2016Click Here ฿18,134
GVRL-EDU-0027EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: Handbook of Research on Estimation and Control Techniques in E-Learning SystemsVardan Mkrttchian/Alexander Bershadsky/Alexander Bozhday2016Click Here ฿14,190
GVRL-EDU-0028EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: Handbook of Research on Learning Outcomes and Opportunities in the Digital Age, 2VVictor C.X. Wang2016Click Here ฿25,697
GVRL-EDU-0029EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: Handbook of Research on Strategic Management of Interaction, Presence, and Participation in Online CoursesLydia Kyei-Blankson/Joseph Blankson/Esther Ntuli2016Click Here ฿14,190
GVRL-EDU-0030EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: User-Centered Design Strategies for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)Ricardo Mendoza-Gonzalez2016Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0031EducationAdvances in Higher Education and Professional Development: Advancing Teacher Education and Curriculum Development through Study Abroad ProgramsJoan A. Rhodes/Tammy M. Milby2016Click Here ฿11,507
GVRL-EDU-0032EducationAdvances in Higher Education and Professional Development: Evaluating Teacher Education Programs through Performance-Based AssessmentsDrew Polly2016Click Here ฿12,401
GVRL-EDU-0033EducationAdvances in Higher Education and Professional Development: Global Perspectives and Local Challenges Surrounding International Student MobilityKrishna Bista/Charlotte Foster2016Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0034EducationDeveloping Workforce Diversity Programs, Curriculum, and Degrees in Higher EducationChaunda L. Scott/Jeanetta D. Sims2016Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0035EducationDrones in Education: Let Your Students' Imaginations SoarChristopher Carnahan/Laura Zieger/Kimberly Crowley2016Click Here ฿1,342
GVRL-EDU-0036EducationEffective Digital Learning Environments: Your Guide to the ISTE Standards for CoachesJo Williamson2016Click Here ฿2,236
GVRL-EDU-0037EducationFlipped Learning Series: for Elementary InstructionJonathan Bergmann/Aaron Sams2016Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0038EducationInnovation Age Learning: Empowering Students by Empowering Teachers"Sharon ""Sam"" Sakai-Miller"2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0039EducationISTE 08 [12 TITLES] (BUNDLE) 2016Click Here ฿19,354
GVRL-EDU-0040EducationMake, Learn, Succeed: Building a Culture of Creativity in Your SchoolMark Gura2016Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0041EducationMeeting Common Core Technology Standards: Strategies for Grades 3-5Stephanie Novak/Valerie Morrison/Tim Vanderwerff2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0042EducationMeeting Common Core Technology Standards: Strategies for Grades 6-8Stephanie Novak/Valerie Morrison/Tim Vanderwerff2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0043EducationMeeting Common Core Technology Standards: Strategies for Grades 9-12Stephanie Novak/Valerie Morrison/Tim Vanderwerff2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0044EducationMeeting Common Core Technology Standards: Strategies for Grades K-2Stephanie Novak/Valerie Morrison/Tim Vanderwerff2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0045EducationReward Learning with Badges: Spark Student AchievementBrad Flickinger2016Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-EDU-0046EducationTech Out Your Class: 6 Projects to Meet Common Core and ISTE StandardsAmy Prosser2016Click Here ฿1,342
GVRL-EDU-0047EducationNATIONAL SCIENCE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION BUNDLE (52 Titles) 2016Click Here ฿100,755
GVRL-EDU-0048EducationNSTA ELEM (BUNDLE) (NOT USING) 2016Click Here ฿20,615
GVRL-EDU-0049EducationMaster the New SAT, 2016 2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0050EducationTeens' Guide to College and Career Planning, 12eJustin Ross Muchnick2016Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0051EducationKids Can Code: Understanding Coding with HopscotchPatricia Harris2016Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0052EducationKids Can Code: Understanding Coding with Lego MindstormsPatricia Harris2016Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0053EducationKids Can Code: Understanding Coding with Lego WeDoPatricia Harris2016Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0054EducationKids Can Code: Understanding Coding with MinecraftPatricia Harris2016Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0055EducationKids Can Code: Understanding Coding with PythonPatricia Harris2016Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0056EducationKids Can Code: Understanding Coding with Raspberry Pi™Patricia Harris2016Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0057EducationKids Can Code: Understanding Coding with RubyPatricia Harris2016Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0058EducationKids Can Code: Understanding Coding with ScratchPatricia Harris2016Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0059EducationRole-Playing for Fun and Profit: Battle ReenactmentsMonique Vescia2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0060EducationRole-Playing for Fun and Profit: CosplayJennifer Culp2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0061EducationRole-Playing for Fun and Profit: Haunted HousesJeanne Nagle2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0062EducationRole-Playing for Fun and Profit: Historical VillagesJeri Freedman2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0063EducationRole-Playing for Fun and Profit: Renaissance FairsKristen Rajczak2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0064EducationRole-Playing for Fun and Profit: Theme ParksBobi Martin2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0065EducationRole-Playing for Fun and Profit: Zombie RunsJoe Greek2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0066EducationHitting the Books: Skills for Reading, Writing, and Research: Library Skills and Internet ResearchPrecious McKenzie2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0067EducationHitting the Books: Skills for Reading, Writing, and Research: Studying and Test TakingNina Simone Mosley2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0068EducationSage Encyclopedia of Contemporary Early Childhood Education, 3VDonna Couchenour/J. Kent Chrisman2016Click Here ฿39,644
GVRL-EDU-0069EducationSage Encyclopedia of Online Education, 3VSteven L. Danver2016Click Here ฿37,407
GVRL-EDU-0070EducationSage Handbook of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, 2VDominic Wyse/Louise Hayward/Jessica Pandya2016Click Here ฿29,438
GVRL-EDU-0071EducationSage Handbook of E-learning Research, 2eCaroline Haythornthwaite/Richard Andrews/Jude Fransman2016Click Here ฿12,076
GVRL-EDU-0072EducationHigh Impact School Library Spaces: Envisioning New School Library ConceptsMargaret L. Sullivan2015Click Here ฿3,050
GVRL-EDU-0073EducationLeading the Common Core Initiative: A Guide for K-5 School LibrariansCarl A. Harvey II/Linda L. Mills2015Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0074EducationLibrary Assessment In Higher Education, 2eJoseph R. Matthews2015Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0075EducationSix Skills by Age Six: Launching Early Literacy at the LibraryAnna Foote/Bradley Debrick2015Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0076EducationUsing Images to Teach Critical Thinking Skills: Visual Literacy and Digital PhotographyDiane M. Cordell2015Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0077EducationWriting Workouts to Develop Common Core Writing Skills: Step-by-Step Exercises, Activities, and Tips for Student Success, Grades 2-6Kendall Haven2015Click Here ฿2,562
GVRL-EDU-0078EducationWriting Workouts to Develop Common Core Writing Skills: Step-by-Step Exercises, Activities, and Tips for Student Success, Grades 7-12Kendall Haven2015Click Here ฿2,562
GVRL-EDU-0079EducationIdiot's Guides: The Common Core StandardsJared T. Bigham EdD2015Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-EDU-0080EducationLife and Career Skills: Vol. 2 - Employment 2015Click Here ฿9,555
GVRL-EDU-0081EducationCases on Instructional Technology in Gifted and Talented EducationLesia Lennex2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0082EducationCollaborative Knowledge In Scientific Research NetworksPaolo Diviacco2015Click Here ฿12,076
GVRL-EDU-0083EducationCritical Examinations of Distance Education Transformation across DisciplinesAbigail Scheg2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0084EducationEnhancing Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research With TechnologyShalin Hai-Jew2015Click Here ฿13,011
GVRL-EDU-0085EducationHandbook of Research on Teaching Methods in Language Translation and InterpretationYing Cui2015Click Here ฿19,639
GVRL-EDU-0086EducationIntelligent Web-Based English Instruction in Middle SchoolsJiyou Jia2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0087EducationMethodologies for Effective Writing Instruction in EFL and ESL ClassroomsRahma Al-Mahrooqi2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0088EducationMultidimensional Perspectives on Principal Leadership EffectivenessKadir Beycioglu2015Click Here ฿12,401
GVRL-EDU-0089EducationStudent-Teacher Interaction In Online Learning EnvironmentsRobert D. Wright2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0090EducationAdvances in Logistics, Operations, and Management Science: Innovative Management Education Pedagogies for Preparing Next-Generation LeadersShalini Rahul Tiwari/Lubna Nafees2015Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0091EducationAdvances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design: Implementation and Critical Assessment of the Flipped Classroom ExperienceAbigail G. Scheg2015Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0092EducationAdvances in Higher Education and Professional Development: Handbook of Research on Teacher Education in the Digital Age, 2VMargaret L. Niess/Henry Gillow-Wiles2015Click Here ฿25,087
GVRL-EDU-0093EducationAssessing the Role of Mobile Technologies and Distance Learning in Higher EducationPatricia Ordonez de Pablos2015Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0094EducationExamining Response to Intervention (RTI) Models in Secondary EducationPam Epler2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0095EducationExamining the Impact of Community Colleges on the Global WorkforceStephanie J. Jones2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0096EducationFurthering Higher Education Possibilities through Massive Open Online CoursesAnabela Mesquita/Paula Peres2015Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0097EducationHandbook of Research on Advancing Critical Thinking in Higher EducationSherrie Wisdom2015Click Here ฿19,639
GVRL-EDU-0098EducationHandbook of Research on Educational Technology Integration and Active LearningJared Keengwe2015Click Here ฿18,419
GVRL-EDU-0099EducationHandbook of Research on Enhancing Teacher Education with Advanced Instructional TechnologiesNwachukwu Prince Ololube2015Click Here ฿19,029
GVRL-EDU-0100EducationHandbook of Research on Innovative Technology Integration in Higher EducationFredrick Muyia Nafukho2015Click Here ฿18,744
GVRL-EDU-0101EducationHandbook of Research on Scholarly Publishing and Research MethodsVictor C.X. Wang2015Click Here ฿20,249
GVRL-EDU-0102EducationHandbook of Research on Technology Tools for Real-World Skill Development, 2VYigal Rosen/Steve Ferrara/Maryam Mosharraf2015Click Here ฿25,372
GVRL-EDU-0103EducationMeasuring and Analyzing Informal Learning in the Digital AgeOlutoyin Mejiuni2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0104EducationNew Voices in Higher Education Research and ScholarshipFilipa M. Ribeiro/Yurgos Politis/Bojana Culum2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0105EducationRevolutionizing Arts Education in K-12 Classrooms through Technological IntegrationNarelle Lemon2015Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0106EducationTransforming the Future of Learning with Educational ResearchHelen Askell-Williams2015Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0107EducationDigital Citizenship in Schools, 3eMike Ribble2015Click Here ฿2,236
GVRL-EDU-0108EducationFlipped Learning Series: for English InstructionJonathan Bergmann/Aaron Sams2015Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0109EducationFlipped Learning Series: for Math InstructionJonathan Bergmann/Aaron Sams2015Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0110EducationFlipped Learning Series: for Science InstructionJonathan Bergmann/Aaron Sams2015Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0111EducationFlipped Learning Series: for Social Studies InstructionJonathan Bergmann/Aaron Sams2015Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0112EducationGet Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student SuccessDale Basye/Peggy Grant/Stefanie Hausman/Tod Johnston2015Click Here ฿1,342
GVRL-EDU-0113EducationIntegrating Technology in the ClassroomBoni Hamilton2015Click Here ฿1,708
GVRL-EDU-0114EducationISTE 07 [10 TITLES] (BUNDLE) 2015Click Here ฿12,930
GVRL-EDU-0115EducationLet's Get Social: The Educator's Guide to EdmodoGinger Carlson/Raphael Raphael2015Click Here ฿1,342
GVRL-EDU-0116EducationSecuring the Connected ClassroomAbbie H. Brown/Tim D. Green2015Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0117EducationTechnology Reading and Digital LiteracyL. Robert Furman2015Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-EDU-0118EducationFour-Year Colleges 2016 2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0119EducationGraduate and Professional Programs: An Overview 2016 2015Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0120EducationGraduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 2016 2015Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0121EducationHow to Get Money for College: Financing Your Future Beyond Federal Aid 2016 2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0122EducationMaster the Catholic High School Entrance Exams 2016-2017 2015Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-EDU-0123EducationMaster the GMAT 2016 2015Click Here ฿2,236
GVRL-EDU-0124EducationMaster the GRE 2016 2015Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0125EducationMaster the HiSET Exam 2015Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0126EducationMaster the Police Officer Exam, 19eFred M. Rafilson2015Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0127EducationMaster the Public Safety Dispatcher/911 Operator Exam, 4e 2015Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0128EducationScholarships, Grants and Prizes 2016 2015Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0129EducationTwo-Year Colleges 2016 2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0130EducationExploring Careers: Careers in FashionBonnie Szumski2015Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0131EducationExploring Careers: Careers in Information TechnologyChristine Wilcox2015Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0132EducationExploring Careers: Careers in the MilitaryBarbara Sheen2015Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0133EducationCode Power: Teen Programmers Guide: Getting to Know AliceJeanne Nagle2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0134EducationCode Power: Teen Programmers Guide: Getting to Know ArduinoHeather Moore Niver2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0135EducationCode Power: Teen Programmers Guide: Getting to Know Hackety HackDon Rauf2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0136EducationCode Power: Teen Programmers Guide: Getting to Know Lego MindstormsTherese Shea2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0137EducationCode Power: Teen Programmers Guide: Getting to Know PythonSimone Payment2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0138EducationCode Power: Teen Programmers Guide: Getting to Know Raspberry PiNicki Peter Petrikowski2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0139EducationCode Power: Teen Programmers Guide: Getting to Know RubyHeather Moore Niver2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0140EducationCode Power: Teen Programmers Guide: Getting to Know ScratchJeanne Nagle2015Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0141EducationCore Skills: Analyze It: Looking at Texts CriticallyGillian Gosman2015Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0142EducationCore Skills: Construct It: Building an ArgumentGillian Gosman2015Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0143EducationCore Skills: Express It: Sharing Your Media OnlineGillian Gosman2015Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0144EducationCore Skills: Graph It: Reading Charts and GraphsGillian Gosman2015Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0145EducationEssential Careers: Career as an Event CoordinatorBarbara Krasner2015Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0146EducationEssential Careers: Career In Customer Service & Tech SupportJeff Mapua2015Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0147EducationEssential Careers: Careers in Child CareJeri Freedman2015Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0148EducationEssential Careers: Careers in HospitalityErin Staley2015Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0149EducationInfoMax Common Core Math Readers: Flags of the World: Develop Understanding of Fractions and NumbersJackson Frenetti2015Click Here ฿1,382
GVRL-EDU-0150EducationInfoMax Common Core Math Readers: Freaky Bug Facts!: Understand Place ValueAbigail George2015Click Here ฿1,382
GVRL-EDU-0151EducationMath Masters: Measurement and Data - Jobs in Science: Solve Problems Involving Measurement and EstimationHolden Strauss2015Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0152EducationSage Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, 3VGenie Gertz2015Click Here ฿37,407
GVRL-EDU-0153EducationSage Encyclopedia of Classroom Management, 2VW. George Scarlett2015Click Here ฿28,340
GVRL-EDU-0154EducationSage Encyclopedia of Educational Technology, 2VJ. Michael Spector2015Click Here ฿28,340
GVRL-EDU-0155EducationSage Guide to Curriculum in EducationMing Fang He/Brian D. Schultz/ William H. Schubert2015Click Here ฿13,255
GVRL-EDU-0156EducationSage Guide to Educational Leadership and ManagementFenwick W. English2015Click Here ฿13,255
GVRL-EDU-0157EducationSage Handbook of Intellectual Property, V1Matthew David2015Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0158EducationSage Handbook of LearningDavid Scott/Eleanore Hargreaves2015Click Here ฿13,215
GVRL-EDU-0159EducationSage Handbook of Research in International Education, 2eMary Hayden/Jack Levy/Jeff Thompson2015Click Here ฿12,076
GVRL-EDU-0160EducationSage Handbook of Television StudiesManuel Alvarado2015Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0161EducationSAGE Sourcebook of Service-Learning and Civic EngagementOmobolade Delano-Oriaran/Marguerite W. Penick-Parks2015Click Here ฿11,385
GVRL-EDU-0162EducationInventive Approaches for Technology Integration and Information Resources ManagementMehdi Khosrow-Pour2014Click Here ฿12,401
GVRL-EDU-0163EducationAdvancing Higher Education With Mobile Learning Technologies: Cases, Trends, and Inquiry-Based MethodsJared Keengwe2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0164EducationAdvancing Knowledge in Higher Education: Universities in Turbulent TimesTanya Fitzgerald2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0165EducationArtificial Intelligence Applications in Distance EducationUtku Kose2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0166EducationCases on Research-Based Teaching Methods in Science EducationEugene de Silva2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0167EducationCases on Teacher Identity, Diversity and Cognition in Higher EducationPaul Breen2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0168EducationCases on the Assessment of Scenario and Game-Based Virtual Worlds in Higher EducationShannon Kennedy-Clark2014Click Here ฿12,401
GVRL-EDU-0169EducationEducational Technology Use and Design for Improved Learning OpportunitiesMehdi Khosrow-Pour2014Click Here ฿13,011
GVRL-EDU-0170EducationEffects of Information Capitalism and Globalization on Teaching and LearningBlessing F. Adeoye2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0171EducationE-Learning as a Socio-Cultural System: A Multidimensional AnalysisVaiva/Zuzeviciute2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0172EducationEngaging Language Learners Through Technology Integration: Theory, Applications, and OutcomesShuai Li2014Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0173EducationExploring the Effectiveness of Online Education in K-12 EnvironmentsTina L. Heafner2014Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0174EducationHandbook of Research on Digital Tools for Writing Instruction in K-12 SettingsRebecca S. Anderson2014Click Here ฿19,639
GVRL-EDU-0175EducationHandbook of Research on Education and Technology in a Changing Society, 1e 2VVictor C.X. Wang2014Click Here ฿29,926
GVRL-EDU-0176EducationHandbook of Research on Higher Education in the MENA Region: Policy and PracticeNeeta Baporikar2014Click Here ฿19,029
GVRL-EDU-0177EducationHandbook of Research on Trends in European Higher Education ConvergenceAlina Mihaela Dima2014Click Here ฿19,029
GVRL-EDU-0178EducationLearning in Metaverses: Co-Existing in Real VirtualityEliane Schlemmer2014Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0179EducationModels for Improving and Optimizing Online and Blended Learning in Higher EducationJared Keengwe2014Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0180EducationProfessional Development Schools and Transformative PartnershipsDrew Polly2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0181EducationPromoting Active Learning through the Integration of Mobile and Ubiquitous TechnologiesJared Keengwe2014Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0182EducationPromoting Global Literacy Skills through Technology-Infused Teaching and LearningJared Keengwe2014Click Here ฿11,182
GVRL-EDU-0183EducationSocial Media Strategies for Dynamic Library Service DevelopmentAdeyinka Tella2014Click Here ฿14,800
GVRL-EDU-0184EducationTablets in K-12 Education: Integrated Experiences and ImplicationsHeejung An2014Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0185EducationEducational Technology for the Global Village 2014Click Here ฿3,009
GVRL-EDU-0186EducationISTE 06 [08 TITLES] (BUNDLE) 2014Click Here ฿14,678
GVRL-EDU-0187EducationAhead of the Curve: What Parents Need to Know to Get Their Kids Into CollegeAmber C. Saunders2014Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0188EducationBoarding School Survival GuideJustin Ross Muchnick2014Click Here ฿1,057
GVRL-EDU-0189EducationFour-Year Colleges 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0190EducationGraduate and Professional Programs: An Overview 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0191EducationGraduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0192EducationHow to Get Money for College: Financing Your Future Beyond Federal Aid 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0193EducationMaster The ASVAB, 5eDr. Scott A. Ostrow Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.)2014Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0194EducationMaster the Catholic High School Entrance Exams 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-EDU-0195EducationMaster the GED Test 2014 2014Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0196EducationMaster the GMAT 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿2,236
GVRL-EDU-0197EducationMaster the GRE 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0198EducationMaster the SAT 2015 2014Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0199EducationMaster the SSAT/ISEE, 9e 2014Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0200EducationPrivate Secondary Schools 2015-2016 2014Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0201EducationScholarships, Grants and Prizes 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0202EducationThings Your Mentor Won't Tell YouTerri Tierney Clark2014Click Here ฿1,098
GVRL-EDU-0203EducationTwo-Year Colleges 2015 (NVA) 2014Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0204EducationWrite Your Way In: How to Succeed in College Application WritingCynthia Clumeck Muchnick2014Click Here ฿1,057
GVRL-EDU-0205EducationExploring Careers: Careers in BiotechnologyBonnie Szumski2014Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0206EducationCore Skills: Publish It: Sharing Your Writing OnlineGillian Gosman2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0207EducationCore Skills: Send It: Writing Different Kinds of EmailsGillian Gosman2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0208EducationCore Writing Skills: How to Gather Information, Take Notes and Sort EvidenceSara Howell2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0209EducationCore Writing Skills: How to Plan, Revise and Edit Your TextSara Howell2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0210EducationCore Writing Skills: How to Use Technology to Write and PublishSara Howell2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0211EducationCore Writing Skills: How to Write a NarrativeSara Howell2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0212EducationCore Writing Skills: How to Write an Explanatory TextSara Howell2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0213EducationCore Writing Skills: How to Write an Opinion PieceSara Howell2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0214EducationEssential Careers: Careers as a Bookkeeper and AuditorSusan Meyer2014Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0215EducationEssential Careers: Careers as a Commissioned Sales RepresentativeMindy Mozer2014Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0216EducationEssential Careers: Careers as a Paralegal and Legal AssistantG. S.(Scott) Prentzas2014Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0217EducationGreat Careers in Sports Industry: Dream Jobs in Sports Finance And AdministrationMarty Gitlin2014Click Here ฿2,480
GVRL-EDU-0218EducationGreat Careers in Sports Industry: Dream Jobs in Sports MediaDaniel E. Harmon2014Click Here ฿2,480
GVRL-EDU-0219EducationGreat Careers in Sports Industry: Dream Jobs in Sports RefereeingLarry Gerber2014Click Here ฿2,480
GVRL-EDU-0220EducationGreat Careers in Sports Industry: Dream Jobs in Sports ScoutingMarty Gitlin2014Click Here ฿2,480
GVRL-EDU-0221EducationGreat Careers in Sports Industry: Dream Jobs in Stadium and Sports Facility OperationsKathy Furgang2014Click Here ฿2,480
GVRL-EDU-0222EducationJobs in My School: What Do School Secretaries DoRita Kidde2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0223EducationJobs in My School: What Do Teachers DoRita Kidde2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0224EducationJobs in My School: What Does a Janitor DoRita Kidde2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0225EducationJobs in My School: What Does Library Media Specialist DoWinston Garrett2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0226EducationJobs in My School: What Does the Principal DoRita Kidde2014Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0227EducationComplete Handbook of Coaching, 2eElaine Cox2014Click Here ฿8,457
GVRL-EDU-0228EducationMulticultural America, 1e 4VCarlos E. Cortes2014Click Here ฿29,926
GVRL-EDU-0229EducationReligious Leadership, 2VSharon Henderson Callahan2014Click Here ฿21,143
GVRL-EDU-0230EducationSage Handbook of Aging Work and SocietyJohn Field2014Click Here ฿9,067
GVRL-EDU-0231EducationSage Handbook of Applied MemoryTimothy J Perfect2014Click Here ฿10,002
GVRL-EDU-0232EducationSage Handbook of Child ResearchGary B. Melton2014Click Here ฿8,945
GVRL-EDU-0233EducationSage Handbook of Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties, 2ePhilip Garner2014Click Here ฿9,067
GVRL-EDU-0234EducationSage Handbook of Human Geography, 1e 2VRoger Lee2014Click Here ฿28,381
GVRL-EDU-0235EducationSage Handbook of Individual Therapy, 6eWindy Dryden2014Click Here ฿8,457
GVRL-EDU-0236EducationSage Handbook of Play and Learning In Early ChildhoodElizabeth Brooker2014Click Here ฿10,002
GVRL-EDU-0237EducationSage Handbook of Qualitative Data AnalysisUwe Flick2014Click Here ฿9,067
GVRL-EDU-0238EducationSage Handbook of Special Education, 2e 2VLani Florian2014Click Here ฿25,087
GVRL-EDU-0239EducationSociology of Education, 2VJames Ainsworth2014Click Here ฿21,143
GVRL-EDU-0240EducationSociology of Work, 2VVicki Smith2014Click Here ฿21,143
GVRL-EDU-0241EducationBoosting ALL Children's Social and Emotional Brain Power: Life Transforming ActivitiesMarie-Nathalie Beaudoin2014Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0242EducationBullying and Students With Disabilities: Strategies and Techniques to Create a Safe Learning Environment for AllBarry Edwards McNamara2014Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0243EducationDesigning and Implementing Effective Professional LearningJohn Murray2014Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0244EducationEngaging Young Children With Informational BooksHelen Patrick/Panayota Mantzicopoulos2014Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0245EducationSimple Strategies for Teaching Children at Risk, K-5Melissa Stormont/Cathy Newman Thomas2014Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0246EducationEducation Reference Guide: Accommodating Students with Disabilities 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0247EducationEducation Reference Guide: Adapting to Technological Advances 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0248EducationEducation Reference Guide: Becoming A Qualified Educator 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0249EducationEducation Reference Guide: Community Service and Volunteering Programs 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0250EducationEducation Reference Guide: Concepts of Lifelong Learning 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0251EducationEducation Reference Guide: Early Childhood Education 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0252EducationEducation Reference Guide: Educational Research and Evaluation 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0253EducationEducation Reference Guide: Educational Theories 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0254EducationEducation Reference Guide: English As A Second Language 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0255EducationEducation Reference Guide: Evaluating Aptitude and Progress 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0256EducationEducation Reference Guide: Exploring Alternative Education 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0257EducationEducation Reference Guide: Gender and Sexuality Issues 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0258EducationEducation Reference Guide: Guidance and Counseling 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0259EducationEducation Reference Guide: History of Education 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0260EducationEducation Reference Guide: Incorporating Tests and Exams 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0261EducationEducation Reference Guide: Influence of Government and Politics 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0262EducationEducation Reference Guide: International Learning Perspectives 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0263EducationEducation Reference Guide: Language Learning and Development 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0264EducationEducation Reference Guide: Learning Methods and Theories 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0265EducationEducation Reference Guide: Methods and Models of Learning 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0266EducationEducation Reference Guide: Methods of Curriculum Organization 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0267EducationEducation Reference Guide: Multicultural and Diversity Education 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0268EducationEducation Reference Guide: Parental Involvement In the School System 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0269EducationEducation Reference Guide: Policies of Public School Education 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0270EducationEducation Reference Guide: Principles and Policies of Higher Education 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0271EducationEducation Reference Guide: Private and Public Funding 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0272EducationEducation Reference Guide: Processes of Classroom Management 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0273EducationEducation Reference Guide: Pursuing Higher Education 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0274EducationEducation Reference Guide: School Policies and Leadership 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0275EducationEducation Reference Guide: School Safety Policies and Procedures 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0276EducationEducation Reference Guide: School Systems and Administration 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0277EducationEducation Reference Guide: Special Education Practices 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0278EducationEducation Reference Guide: Student Scheduling Options 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0279EducationEducation Reference Guide: Teaching Models and Approaches 2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0280EducationCivility and Education In A World of Religious PluralismVincent Biondo/Andrew Fiala2014Click Here ฿7,563
GVRL-EDU-0281EducationEssential Guide to Improving Attendance In Your SchoolKen Reid2014Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0282EducationFor Dummies Series: Common Core Standards for Parents for DummiesEmid2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-EDU-0283EducationFor Dummies Series: GED Test for Dummies, 3eMurray Shukyn/Dale E. Shuttleworth2014Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0284EducationFor Dummies Series: TEFL Lesson Plans for DummiesGriffis2014Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0285EducationTrust Matters: Leadership for Successful Schools, 2eTschannen-Moran2014Click Here ฿7,969
GVRL-EDU-0286EducationA Guided Inquiry Approach to High School ResearchRandell K. Schmidt2013Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0287EducationBeyond the Textbook: Using Trade Books and Databases to Teach Our Nation's History, Grades 7 - 12Carianne Bernadowski2013Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0288EducationIntegrating Young Adult Literature Through the Common Core StandardsRachel L. Wadham2013Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0289EducationLIS Career Sourcebook: Managing and Maximizing Every Step of Your CareerG. Kim Dority2013Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0290EducationInformed Transitions: Libraries Supporting the High School to College TransitionKenneth J. Burhanna2013Click Here ฿3,050
GVRL-EDU-0291Education100+ Ways to Recognize and Reward Your School StaffEmily E. Houck2013Click Here ฿1,301
GVRL-EDU-0292EducationASCD EDUCATION COLLECTION #06 (21 TITLES)(BUNDLE) 2013Click Here ฿31,999
GVRL-EDU-0293EducationAssignments Matter: Making the Connections that Help Students Meet StandardsEleanor Dougherty2013Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0294EducationCommon Core Standards For High School English Language Arts: A Quick-Start GuideSusan Ryan/Dana Frazee2013Click Here ฿1,098
GVRL-EDU-0295EducationCommon Core Standards For Middle School English Language Arts: A Quick-Start GuideSusan Ryan/Dana Frazee2013Click Here ฿1,423
GVRL-EDU-0296EducationNeurodiversity in the Classroom: Strength-Based Strategies to Help Students With Special Needs Succeed in School and LifeThomas Armstrong2013Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0297EducationOvercoming Textbook Fatigue: 21st Century Tools to Revitalize Teaching and LearningReLeah Cossett Lent2013Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0298EducationEnhancing Instruction With Visual Media: Utilizing Video and Lecture CaptureEllen G. Smyth2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0299EducationGlobal Challenges and Perspectives in Blended and Distance LearningJ. Willems2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0300EducationLearning Management Systems and Instructional Design: Metrics, Standards, and ApplicationsYefim Kats2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0301EducationNew Pedagogical Approaches in Game Enhanced Learning: Curriculum IntegrationSara de Freitas2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0302EducationTechnological Tools For The Literacy ClassroomJeff Whittingham2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0303EducationApproaches and Strategies in Next Generation Science LearningMyint Khine2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0304EducationCases on 3D Technology Application and Integration in EducationKimberely Nettleton2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0305EducationCases on Assessment and Evaluation in EducationMehdi Khosrow-Pour2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0306EducationCases on Digital Game-Based Learning: Methods, Models and Strategies Youngkyun Baek2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0307EducationCases on Educational Technology Implementation For Facilitating LearningAlbert Ritzhaupt2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0308EducationCases on Quality Teaching Practices in Higher EducationDiane Salter2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0309EducationCurriculum, Learning, and Teaching Advancements in Online EducationMahesh Raisinghani2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0310EducationDesign, Utilization, and Analysis of Simulations and Game-Based Educational WorldsRichard E. Ferdig2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0311EducationEthical Technology Use, Policy and Reactions in Educational Settings Kadir Beycioglu2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0312EducationPedagogical Applications and Social Effects of Mobile Technology IntegrationJared Keengwe2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0313EducationResearch Perspectives and Best Practices in Educational Technology IntegrationJared Keengwe2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0314EducationSocial Media and the New Academic Environment: Pedagogical ChallengesBogdan Patrut2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0315EducationSocial Media in Higher Education: Teaching in Web 2.0Monica Patrut2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0316EducationTechnology Use and Research Approaches For Community Education and Professional DevelopmentValerie Bryan2013Click Here ฿10,572
GVRL-EDU-0317EducationISTE 05 [08 TITLES] (BUNDLE) 2013Click Here ฿12,808
GVRL-EDU-0318EducationDon't Break the Bank: College Edition 2013Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0319EducationEgghead's Guide to VocabularyCara Cantarella2013Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0320EducationMaking the Major Decision 2013Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0321EducationMaster the Civil Service Exams, 5eShannon R. Turlington2013Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0322EducationMaster the Firefighter Exams, 17eFred M. Rafilson2013Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0323EducationCore Concepts: Basics of the Periodic TableLeon Gray2013Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0324EducationSage Handbook of Research on Classroom AssessmentJames H. McMillan2013Click Here ฿9,067
GVRL-EDU-0325EducationSage Handbook of Transport StudiesJean-Paul Rodrigue2013Click Here ฿9,067
GVRL-EDU-0326EducationConnecting the Dots Between Education, Interests, and Careers, Grades 7-10: A Guide for School PractitionersSarah M. Klerk2013Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0327EducationCool Tech Tools for Lower Tech Teachers: 20 Tactics for Every ClassroomWilliam N. Bender/Laura B. Waller2013Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0328EducationCORWIN PRESS COLLECTION #01 (50 TITLES)(BUNDLE) 2013Click Here ฿104,293
GVRL-EDU-0329EducationCreating a College Culture for Latino Students: Successful Programs, Practices, and StrategiesConcha Delgado Gaitan2013Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0330EducationCreative Scheduling for Diverse Populations in Middle and High School: Maximizing Opportunities for LearningElliot Y. Merenbloom/Barbara A. Kalina2013Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0331EducationDeveloping Digital Literacies: A Framework for Professional LearningDustin C. Summey2013Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0332EducationDiscovering Media Literacy: Teaching Digital Media and Popular Culture in Elementary SchoolRenee Hobbs/David Cooper Moore2013Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0333EducationEducating Latino Boys: An Asset-Based ApproachDavid Campos2013Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0334EducationEquity 101: Culture (Book 2)Curtis Linton/Bonnie M. Davis2013Click Here ฿1,098
GVRL-EDU-0335EducationHigh School Graduation: K-12 Strategies That WorkAvis Glaze/Ruth Mattingley/Rob Andrews2013Click Here ฿1,952
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GVRL-EDU-0337EducationLeading Every Day: Actions for Effective Leadership, 3eJoyce Kaser/Susan Mundry/Katherine E. Stiles2013Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-EDU-0338EducationMaking the Common Core Standards Work: Using Professional Development to Build World-Class SchoolsRobert J. Manley/Richard J. Hawkins2013Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0339EducationMobile Learning for All: Supporting Accessibility With the iPadLuis Perez2013Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0340EducationPeer Coaching: Unlocking the Power of CollaborationLes Foltos2013Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0341EducationPersonalized Learning: Student-Designed Pathways to High School GraduationJohn H. Clarke2013Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0342EducationReach Before You Teach: Ignite Passion and Purpose in Your ClassroomPaula Prentis/Chris Parrott/Amy Smith2013Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0343EducationStrategic Writing Mini-Lessons for All Students, Grades 4-8Janet C. Richards/Cynthia A. Lassonde2013Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0344EducationStrategy Instruction for Middle and Secondary Students with Mild Disabilities: Creating Independent LearnersGreg Conderman/Laura Hedin/Val Bresnahan2013Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0345EducationWriting the Playbook: A Practitioner's Guide to Creating a Boy-Friendly SchoolKelley King2013Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0346EducationAutobiographical Writingand Identity In EFL EducationShizhou Yang2013Click Here ฿7,563
GVRL-EDU-0347EducationBullying: Experiences and Discourses of Sexuality and GenderIan Rivers/Neil Duncan2013Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0348EducationCyber Security For Educational LeadersPhillips Richard/R. Sianjina Rayton2013Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0349EducationDiversity Intercultural Encounters and EducationSusana Goncalves/Markus A. Carpenter2013Click Here ฿8,051
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GVRL-EDU-0351EducationEssentials of Middle and Secondary Social StudiesWilliam Russell/Stewart Waters/Thomas Turner2013Click Here ฿3,944
GVRL-EDU-0352EducationHandbook of Research on Educational Leadership for Equity and Diversity 2013Click Here ฿7,278
GVRL-EDU-0353EducationHow to Stop Bullying In Classrooms and Schools?Phyllis Kaufman Goodstein2013Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0354EducationInclusive and Adaptive TeachingPeter Westwood2013Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0355EducationLanguage, Literacy, and Pedagogy in Postindustrial Societies: The Case of Black Academic UnderachievementPaul C. Mocombe/Carol Tomlin2013Click Here ฿8,051
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GVRL-EDU-0357EducationOutdoor Learning Through the SeasonsAnn Watts2013Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0358EducationRethinking School Bullying: Dominance, Identity and School CultureRonald B. Jacobson2013Click Here ฿8,051
GVRL-EDU-0359EducationTeacher and Student Evaluation: Moving Beyond the Failure of School ReformAlyson Leah Lavigne/Thomas L. Good2013Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0360EducationTeaching and Learning Languages: A Practical Guide to Learning by DoingJemma Buck/Christopher Wightwick2013Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0361EducationUnderstanding and Managing Children's Behaviour through Group Work Ages 7 - 11: A Child-centred ProgrammeCath Hunter2013Click Here ฿3,741
GVRL-EDU-0362EducationUsing Learning Contracts in Higher Education 2013Click Here ฿3,537
GVRL-EDU-0363EducationAgendas For Language Learning ResearchOrtega2013Click Here ฿10,165
GVRL-EDU-0364EducationBoosting Executive Skills in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for EducatorsCooper-Kahn2013Click Here ฿7,237
GVRL-EDU-0365EducationCompanion to Creative WritingGraeme Harper2013Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-EDU-0366EducationDyslexic Adult: Interventions and Outcomes - An Evidence-based Approach, 2eDavid McLoughlin2013Click Here ฿6,343
GVRL-EDU-0367EducationElementary Teacher's Big Book of Graphic Organizers, K-5: 100+ Ready-to-Use Organizers That Help Kids Learn Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and MoreKatherine S. McKnight2013Click Here ฿5,570
GVRL-EDU-0368EducationFirst-Year Teacher's Survival Guide: Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools and Activities for Meeting the Challenges of Each School Day, 3eJulia G. Thompson2013Click Here ฿7,969
GVRL-EDU-0369EducationFor Dummies Series: Memoir Writing for DummiesKramer2013Click Here ฿3,050
GVRL-EDU-0370EducationFor Dummies Series: Military Flight Aptitude Tests for DummiesPetrucci2013Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-EDU-0371EducationFor Dummies Series: PSAT/NMSQT for DummiesMarmel2013Click Here ฿4,473
GVRL-EDU-0372EducationFor Dummies Series: Real Estate License Exams for Dummies, 2eRichardson2013Click Here ฿4,229
GVRL-EDU-0373EducationHow to Prepare a Standout College Application: Expert Advice that Takes You from LMO* (*Like Many Others) to AdmitIvey2013Click Here ฿4,107
GVRL-EDU-0374EducationInsiders Guide to Winning Education GrantsPawlicki2013Click Here ฿6,058
GVRL-EDU-0375EducationOrganized Out-of-School Activities: Setting for Peer Relationships: New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, Number 140Jennifer A. Fredricks2013Click Here ฿7,034
GVRL-EDU-0376EducationPositive Academic Leadership: How to Stop Putting Out Fires and Start Making a DifferenceBuller2013Click Here ฿9,677
GVRL-EDU-0377EducationSecrets of College Success, 2eLynn F. Jacobs2013Click Here ฿4,107
GVRL-EDU-0378EducationTeaching Children With Autism to Mind-Read: the WorkbookJulie A. Hadwin2013Click Here ฿2,114
GVRL-EDU-0379EducationTen-Minute Inservice: 40 Quick Training Sessions that Build Teacher EffectivenessTodd Whitaker2013Click Here ฿7,237
GVRL-EDU-0380EducationTransparent Teacher: Taking Charge of Your Instruction With Peer-Collected Classroom DataKaufman2013Click Here ฿7,237
GVRL-EDU-0381EducationTurnaround Tools for the Teenage Brain: Helping Underperforming Students Become Lifelong LearnersEric Jensen2013Click Here ฿6,546
GVRL-EDU-0382EducationWhat Our Stories Teach Us: A Guide to Critical Reflection for College FacultyShadiow2013Click Here ฿9,189
GVRL-EDU-0383EducationAdmission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College, 3eSally P. Springer2013Click Here ฿4,351
GVRL-EDU-0384EducationGlobal Issues in Institutional Research: New Directions for Institutional Research, Number 157Angel Calderone2013Click Here ฿7,034
GVRL-EDU-0385EducationActivism and the School Librarian: Tools for Advocacy and SurvivalDeborah D. Levitov2012Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0386EducationConcise Guide to Information LiteracyScott Lanning2012Click Here ฿2,114
GVRL-EDU-0387EducationRare Book Librarianship: An Introduction and GuideSteven K. Galbraith2012Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0388EducationRising Costs of Higher Education, A Reference HandbookJohn R. Thelin2012Click Here ฿3,537
GVRL-EDU-0389EducationStudent Engagement and the Academic LibraryLoanne Snavely2012Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0390EducationSupporting Reading in Grades 6-12: A GuideSybil M. Farwell2012Click Here ฿3,334
GVRL-EDU-0391EducationLatino Students Guide to College Success, 2e RevLeonard A. Valverde2012Click Here ฿3,903
GVRL-EDU-0392EducationNative American Boarding SchoolsMary A. Stout2012Click Here ฿3,903
GVRL-EDU-0393EducationInformation Basics For College StudentsKaren Sobel2012Click Here ฿3,050
GVRL-EDU-0394EducationWhat Do Employers Want? A Guide For Library Science StudentsPriscilla K. Shontz2012Click Here ฿2,724
GVRL-EDU-0395EducationAim High, Achieve More: How to Transform Urban Schools Through Fearless LeadershipYvette Jackson/V. McDermott2012Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0396EducationClassroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies For Increasing Student Achievement, 2eCeri B. Dean2012Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0397EducationCore Six: Essential Strategies For Achieving Excellence With the Common CoreHarvey F. Silver2012Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0398EducationHandbook For Classroom Instruction that Works, 2eHoward Piter/Bj Stone2012Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0399EducationHow to Create Culture of Achievement in Your School and ClassroomD. Fisher/N. Frey/I. Pumpian2012Click Here ฿1,708
GVRL-EDU-0400EducationLearning Targets: Helping Students Aim For Understanding in Today's LessonConnie Moss/Susan Brookhart2012Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0401EducationMinding The Achievement Gap: One Classroom at A TimeJane Pollock/Sharon Ford2012Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0402EducationTeaching Reading in the Content Areas: If Not Me, Then Who?, 3eVicki Urquhart/Dana Frazee2012Click Here ฿2,074
GVRL-EDU-0403EducationTurning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing SchoolsWilliam Parrett/Kathleen Budge2012Click Here ฿1,870
GVRL-EDU-0404EducationUnderstanding by Design Guide to Advanced Concepts in Creating and Reviewing Units Grant Wiggins/Jay McTighe2012Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0405EducationUnderstanding How Young Children Learn: Bringing the Science of Child Development to the ClassroomWendy L. Ostroff2012Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0406EducationUsing Technology With Classroom Instruction that Works, 2eHoward Pitler2012Click Here ฿1,870
GVRL-EDU-0407EducationWhen Teaching Gets Tough: Smart Ways to Reclaim Your GameAllen N. Mendler2012Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0408EducationWorld-Class Education: Learning from International Models of Excellence and InnovationVivien Stewart2012Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0409EducationPreparing for the AP Calculus AB and Calculus BC ExaminationsSharon Cade/Rhea Caldwell/Jeff Lucia2012Click Here ฿1,057
GVRL-EDU-0410EducationPreparing for the AP Statistics ExaminationViva Hathaway/Vicki Greenburg/Ed Moulton2012Click Here ฿1,057
GVRL-EDU-0411EducationPreparing for the AP United States History ExaminationStacie Brensilver Berman/Mark Epstein2012Click Here ฿1,057
GVRL-EDU-0412EducationPreparing For The AP World History ExaminationBarbara Brun-Ozuna/Theisen Healey/Patrick Whelan2012Click Here ฿1,057
GVRL-EDU-0413EducationDK Essential Managers: Leadership, 2012Christina Osborne2012Click Here ฿488
GVRL-EDU-0414EducationComparative Guide to American Elementary and Secondary Schools 2012 2012Click Here ฿9,067
GVRL-EDU-0415EducationPersonal Finance Essentials: Education and CareersJane S. Lopus2012Click Here ฿2,114
GVRL-EDU-0416EducationISTE 04 [11 TITLES] (BUNDLE) 2012Click Here ฿16,589
GVRL-EDU-0417EducationDon't Break the Bank: A Student's Guide to Managing Money 2012Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0418EducationMaster the GRE 2013 (NVA) 2012Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0419EducationThe "C" Students Guide to Scholarships, 2eFelecia Hatcher2012Click Here ฿935
GVRL-EDU-0420EducationDebating Issues in American Education: Alternative Schooling and School ChoiceOsborne/Russo/Cattaro2012Click Here ฿5,855
GVRL-EDU-0421EducationDebating Issues in American Education: Curriculum and InstructionEakle2012Click Here ฿5,855
GVRL-EDU-0422EducationDebating Issues in American Education: Diversity SchoolsBrown/Hunter/Donahoo2012Click Here ฿5,855
GVRL-EDU-0423EducationDebating Issues in American Education: Religion SchoolsRusso2012Click Here ฿5,855
GVRL-EDU-0424EducationDebating Issues in American Education: School Discipline and SafetyEckes/Russo2012Click Here ฿5,855
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GVRL-EDU-0527EducationE-Infrastructures and Technologies For Lifelong Learning: Next Generation EnvironmentsGeorge Magoulas2011Click Here ฿10,897
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GVRL-EDU-0533EducationMaster the Dental Hygienist Exam 2011Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0534EducationMaster the EMT-Basic Certification Exam, 4e 2011Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0535EducationMaster the GED Test 2012 (NVA)Mark Alan Stewart2011Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0536EducationMaster the GMAT 2012 (NVA)Mark Alan Stewart2011Click Here ฿2,236
GVRL-EDU-0537EducationMaster the Massage Therapy Exams 2011Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0538EducationMaster the SAT 2012 (NAV) 2011Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-EDU-0539EducationMaster the Special Agent Exam, 12e 2011Click Here ฿1,301
GVRL-EDU-0540EducationMaster the U.S. Border Patrol Exam 2011Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0541EducationMaster the Veterinary Technician National Exam 2011Click Here ฿1,179
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GVRL-EDU-0555EducationDifferentiated Literacy Strategies for English Language Learners, Grades K-6Gregory2011Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0556EducationDifferentiated Science InquiryLlewellyn2011Click Here ฿1,870
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GVRL-EDU-0569EducationMirror ImagesReason2011Click Here ฿1,870
GVRL-EDU-0570EducationMoral Imperative RealizedMichael Fullan2011Click Here ฿1,260
GVRL-EDU-0571EducationMulti-Dimensional EducationCorrigan2011Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0572EducationNo More Bystanders No More BulliesAnderson2011Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0573EducationOnline Professional DevelopmentRoss2011Click Here ฿2,277
GVRL-EDU-0574EducationPLCs, DI, and RTIStoehr2011Click Here ฿1,952
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GVRL-EDU-0576EducationPractice of Authentic PLCs: A Guide to Effective Teacher TeamsVenables2011Click Here ฿1,870
GVRL-EDU-0577EducationPreventing Long-Term ELSCalderon2011Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0578EducationPrincipal as Leader of Challenging ConversationsOntario Principals Council2011Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0579EducationResponding to Cyber BullyingMyers2011Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0580EducationRTI With Differentiated Instruction Grades 6-8O'Meara2011Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0581EducationRTI With Differentiated Instruction Grades K-5O'Meara2011Click Here ฿2,033
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GVRL-EDU-0592EducationTransforming Schools For English LearnersZacarian2011Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0593EducationFor Dummies Series: Mind Mapping for DummiesRustler2011Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-EDU-0594Education21st Century Learning in School Libraries 2010Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-EDU-0595EducationASCD EDUCATION COLLECTION #04 (26 TITLES)(BUNDLE) 2010Click Here ฿35,862
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GVRL-EDU-0612EducationLearning to Love Math: Teaching Strategies That Change Student Attitudes and Get ResultsJudy Willis2010Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0613EducationMeeting Students Where They Live: Motivation in Urban SchoolsRichard L. Curwin2010Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0614EducationRaising Black Students' Achievement Through Culturally Responsive TeachingJohnnie McKinley2010Click Here ฿1,748
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GVRL-EDU-0617EducationTransforming Professional Development Into Student ResultsDoublas B. Reeves2010Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0618EducationWell Balanced Teacher: How to Work Smarter and Stay Sane Inside the Classroom and OutMike Anderson2010Click Here ฿1,423
GVRL-EDU-0619EducationWhat Every School Leader Needs to Know About RTIMargaret Searle2010Click Here ฿1,464
GVRL-EDU-0620EducationWhat Teachers Really Need to Know About Formative AssessmentLaura Greenstein2010Click Here ฿1,708
GVRL-EDU-0621Education101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable At WorkCarol A. Silvis MEd2010Click Here ฿813
GVRL-EDU-0622Education101 Ways to Successfully Market YourselfJay Miletsky2010Click Here ฿813
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GVRL-EDU-0626EducationNew Chinese Documentary Film Movement: For the Public Record 2010Click Here ฿3,050
GVRL-EDU-0627EducationService-Learning in Asia: Curricular Models and Practices 2010Click Here ฿2,724
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GVRL-EDU-0633EducationEducational Gameplay and Simulation Environments: Case Studies and Lessons LearnedDavid Kaufman2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0634EducationEthics and Game Design: Teaching Values Through PlayKaren Schrier2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0635EducationGaming and Cognition: Theories and Practice From The Learning SciencesRichard Van Eck2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0636EducationGaming For Classroom-Based Learning: Digital Role Playing as a Motivator of StudyYoungkyun Baek2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0637EducationInterprofessional E-Learning and Collaborative Work: Practices and Technologies Adrian Bromage2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0638EducationOnline Education and Adult Learning: New Frontiers For Teaching PracticesTerry Kidd2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0639EducationSerious Game Design and Development: Technologies For Training and LearningJanis Cannon-Bowers2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0640EducationSocio-Cultural Impacts of Workplace E-Learning: Epistemology, Ontology and PedagogyKarim A. Remtulla2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0641EducationVirtual Environments For Corporate Education: Employee Learning and SolutionsWilliam Ritke-Jones2010Click Here ฿10,897
GVRL-EDU-0642EducationISTE 01 [23 TITLES] (BUNDLE) 2010Click Here ฿44,157
GVRL-EDU-0643EducationISTE 03 [10 TITLES] (BUNDLE) 2010Click Here ฿21,306
GVRL-EDU-0644EducationHow to Become a U.S. Citizen, 5e 2010Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0645EducationMaster the Case Worker Exam, 14e 2010Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0646EducationMaster the Clerical Exams, 6eJohn J. Niesz2010Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-EDU-0647EducationMaster the Corrections Officer Exam, 16e 2010Click Here ฿1,179
GVRL-EDU-0648EducationMaster the NCLEX-PN, 4e 2010Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0649EducationMaster the Real Estate License Exams, 7e 2010Click Here ฿1,342
GVRL-EDU-0650EducationOfficial Guide to Mastering DSST Exams, Part 1, 1e 2010Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0651EducationEncyclopedia of Curriculum Studies, 2V  2010Click Here ฿24,030
GVRL-EDU-0652EducationEncyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent, 2V 2010Click Here ฿24,030
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GVRL-EDU-0656EducationActive Classroom Field BookNash2010Click Here ฿1,626
GVRL-EDU-0657EducationActive MentorNash2010Click Here ฿1,708
GVRL-EDU-0658EducationActive WorkshopNash2010Click Here ฿1,708
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GVRL-EDU-0662EducationBecoming A Win-Win TeacherBluestein2010Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-EDU-0663EducationBecoming An Emotionally Intelligent TeacherPowell2010Click Here ฿2,033
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GVRL-EDU-0665EducationBeyond Differentiated InstructionJodi O'Meara2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0666EducationBringing Your Learning Community to LifeKaagan2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0667EducationBuild the Brain for Reading, Grades 4-12Nevills2010Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0668EducationBuilding Content LiteracySejnost2010Click Here ฿1,870
GVRL-EDU-0669EducationCollaborating With Students in Instruction and Decision MakingVilla2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0670EducationCollaboration and Co-TeachingHonigsfeld2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0671EducationCopyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital LearningRenee Hobbs2010Click Here ฿1,626
GVRL-EDU-0672EducationCultural Proficiency JourneyCampbell2010Click Here ฿1,626
GVRL-EDU-0673EducationCulturally Considerate School CounselingAnderson2010Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0674EducationCulturally Proficient EducationLindsey2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0675EducationData Strategies to Uncover and Eliminate Hidden InequitiesJohnson2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0676EducationDeciding What to Teach and Test ,3eEnglish2010Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0677EducationDifferentiated Instructional Strategies Block ScheduleGregory2010Click Here ฿1,952
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GVRL-EDU-0681EducationDigital Community, Digital CitizenOhler2010Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0682EducationEffective Collaboration For Educating the Whole ChildKochhar-Brya2010Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0683EducationEverything School Leaders Need to Know About AssessmentPopham2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0684EducationFormative AssessmentHeritage2010Click Here ฿1,789
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GVRL-EDU-0686EducationFrom Silos to SystemsKilgore2010Click Here ฿1,870
GVRL-EDU-0687EducationFrom Staff Room to Classroom II: The One-Minute Professional Development PlannerBrian M. Pete/Robin J. Fogarty2010Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0688EducationGiving Wings to Children's DreamsHouston2010Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0689EducationHandbook of School ImprovementBlase2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0690EducationHigh-Five Teaching, K-5Allen2010Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0691EducationHomework Done RightAlleman2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0692EducationImprove Learning by Building CommunityDaresh2010Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0693EducationInclusion Strategies For Secondary Classrooms, 2eGore2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0694EducationInclusion Strategies that Work, 2eKarten2010Click Here ฿2,196
GVRL-EDU-0695EducationInstructional Leadership Toolbox: A Handbook for Improving Practice, 2eSandra Lee Gupton2010Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0696EducationLanguage and Literacy in Inquiry-Based Science Classrooms: Grades 3-8Fang2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0697EducationLeadership As LunacyLumby2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0698EducationLeadership for Family and Community InvolvementHouston2010Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0699EducationLeading Good Schools to GreatnessGray2010Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0700EducationLeading Through Quality QuestioningWalsh2010Click Here ฿1,626
GVRL-EDU-0701EducationLiteracy Lessons, K-8: Connecting Activities to Standards and Students to CommunitiesHoffner2010Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0702EducationManaging ADHD in the K-8 Classroom: A Teacher's GuideFlick2010Click Here ฿2,155
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GVRL-EDU-0704EducationMORE Best Practices for High School ClassroomsStone2010Click Here ฿1,870
GVRL-EDU-0705EducationMORE Best Practices for Middle School ClassroomsStone2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0706EducationNavigating Cultural Competence in Grades 6-12Gallavan2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0707EducationNavigating Cultural Competence in Grades K-5Gallavan2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0708EducationNew Elementary Teacher's Handbook, Third EditionJonson2010Click Here ฿1,992
GVRL-EDU-0709EducationPower of One: How You Can Help or Harm African American StudentsGail L. Thompson2010Click Here ฿1,789
GVRL-EDU-0710EducationPowerful Practices for High-Performing Special EducatorsKaufman2010Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-EDU-0711EducationPowerful Professional DevelopmentYendol-Hoppey2010Click Here ฿1,952
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GVRL-EDU-0718EducationSocially Networked Classroom: Teaching in the New Media AgeWilliam Kist2010Click Here ฿1,626
GVRL-EDU-0719EducationStrategies for Teaching Whole Number Computation: Using Error Analysis for Intervention and AssessmentDavid B. Spangler2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0720EducationStudent Teams That Get Results: Teaching Tools for the Differentiated ClassroomGayle H. Gregory/Lin Kuzmich2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0721EducationSurvival Kit for the Elementary School PrincipalBergman2010Click Here ฿2,643
GVRL-EDU-0722EducationTaking the Lead on Adolescent LiteracyIrvin2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0723EducationTeaching Diverse LearnersMazur2010Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0724EducationTeaching Tech-Savvy KidsParker2010Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0725EducationTeaching With the Tools Kids Really Use: Learning With Web and Mobile TechnologiesBrooks-Young2010Click Here ฿1,626
GVRL-EDU-0726EducationTier 3 of the RTI Model: Problem Solving Through a Case Study ApproachSawyer Hunley/Kathy McNamara2010Click Here ฿2,033
GVRL-EDU-0727EducationToolkit for Mentor PracticeHorn2010Click Here ฿2,277
GVRL-EDU-0728EducationUnison ReadingMcCallister2010Click Here ฿1,870
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GVRL-EDU-0731EducationWhat Every Teacher Should know About Student Motivation, 2eTileston2010Click Here ฿1,382
GVRL-EDU-0732EducationWhat Successful Science Teachers DoGlasgow2010Click Here ฿2,155
GVRL-EDU-0733EducationWhen Kids Are GrievingBurns2010Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-EDU-0734EducationWhy Great Teachers QuitFarber2010Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0735EducationWorking With and Evaluating Difficult School EmployeesJohn F. Eller/Sheila Eller2010Click Here ฿1,545
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GVRL-EDU-0744EducationChanging the Way You Teach, Improving the Way Students LearnGiselle Martin-Kniep2009Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-EDU-0745EducationEngaging the Whole Child, Reflections on Best Practices in Learning, Teaching, and Leadership 2009Click Here ฿610
GVRL-EDU-0746EducationHabits of Mind Across the Curriculum, Practical and Creative Strategies For TeachersArthur L. Costa2009Click Here ฿1,667
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GVRL-EDU-0758EducationOther Duties as Assigned: Tips, Tools, and Techniques For Expert Teacher LeadershipJanet Burgess/Donna Bates2009Click Here ฿1,667
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GVRL-EDU-0762EducationSupporting the Whole Child, Reflections on Best Practices in Learning, Teaching, and Leadership 2009Click Here ฿610
GVRL-EDU-0763EducationTaking Charge of Professional Development, A Practical Model For Your SchoolJoseph H. Semadeni2009Click Here ฿1,464
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GVRL-EDU-0766EducationProblem-based Learning and Creativity 2009Click Here ฿3,659
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GVRL-EDU-0791EducationCORWIN PRESS COLLECTION #03 (50 TITLES)(BUNDLE) 2009Click Here ฿104,293
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GVRL-EDU-0831EducationCollaborating For Project-Based Learning in Grades 9-12V. Harada/C. Kirio2008Click Here ฿2,440
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GVRL-EDU-0863EducationFundamentals of Literacy CoachingAmy Sandvold2008Click Here ฿1,342
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