CODESubjectsTITLEAuthorCopyright YearPreview Price-THB
GVRL-HU-0001HumanitiesPhilosophical Studies: Environmental Ethics 2017Click Here ฿10,816
GVRL-HU-0002HumanitiesPhilosophical Studies: Mind 2017Click Here ฿10,816
GVRL-HU-0003HumanitiesPhilosophical Studies: ReligionDonald Borchert2017Click Here ฿10,816
GVRL-HU-0004HumanitiesPhilosophical Studies: Sports 2017Click Here ฿10,816
GVRL-HU-0005HumanitiesPhilosophical Studies: Technology 2017Click Here ฿10,816
GVRL-HU-0006HumanitiesPhilosophical Studies: Sex and Love 2016Click Here ฿10,816
GVRL-HU-0007HumanitiesPhilosophical Studies: Sources, Perspectives and Methodologies 2016Click Here ฿10,816
GVRL-HU-0008HumanitiesRESEARCH TOOLS YOU CAN USE: 6V (BUNDLE) 2015Click Here ฿7,237
GVRL-HU-0009HumanitiesResearch Tools You Can Use: How Do I Use A Database?Laura La Bella2015Click Here ฿1,423
GVRL-HU-0010HumanitiesResearch Tools You Can Use: How Do I Use A Dictionary?Jennifer Landau2015Click Here ฿1,423
GVRL-HU-0011HumanitiesResearch Tools You Can Use: How Do I Use A Library?Therese Harasymiw2015Click Here ฿1,423
GVRL-HU-0012HumanitiesResearch Tools You Can Use: How Do I Use A Thesaurus?Susan Meyer2015Click Here ฿1,423
GVRL-HU-0013HumanitiesResearch Tools You Can Use: How Do I Use An Atlas?Therese Shea2015Click Here ฿1,423
GVRL-HU-0014HumanitiesResearch Tools You Can Use: How Do I Use An Encyclopedia?Suzanne Weinick2015Click Here ฿1,423
GVRL-HU-0015HumanitiesA TEEN GUIDE to INVESTING: 6V (BUNDLE) 2015Click Here ฿14,475
GVRL-HU-0016HumanitiesCharity and Philanthropy Unleashed: Conquering DiseaseMarylou Kjelle2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0017HumanitiesCharity and Philanthropy Unleashed: Emergency AidAmie Leavitt2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0018HumanitiesCharity and Philanthropy Unleashed: Environmental ProtectionJohn Bankston2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0019HumanitiesCharity and Philanthropy Unleashed: Helping Our VeteransTammy Gagne2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0020HumanitiesCharity and Philanthropy Unleashed: Preserving Human Rights Around The WorldTammy Gagne2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0021HumanitiesCharity and Philanthropy Unleashed: Support For EducationTammy Gagne2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0022HumanitiesCharity and Philanthropy Unleashed: The Quest to End World HungerMarylou Kjelle2015Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0023HumanitiesPeople You Should Know I: Top 101 Philosophers 2014Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0024HumanitiesHandbook of Families and Aging, 2eRosemary Blieszner2013Click Here ฿5,164
GVRL-HU-0025HumanitiesAsian Americans: An Encyclopedia of Social, Cultural, Economic, and Political History, 3V 2013Click Here ฿18,744
GVRL-HU-0026HumanitiesInformation Resources in the Humanities and The Arts, 6eAnna H. Perrault Ph.D.2013Click Here ฿4,839
GVRL-HU-0027HumanitiesBerkshire Essentials: Education in China: Educational History, Models, and Initiatives  2013Click Here ฿7,807
GVRL-HU-0028HumanitiesWinning Without Losing: 66 Strategies For Succeeding in Business While Living A Happy and Balanced Life. Jordan Milne/Martin Bjergegaard2013Click Here ฿1,342
GVRL-HU-0029HumanitiesEncyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and TraditionsRaphael Patai/Haya Bar-Itzhak2013Click Here ฿18,094
GVRL-HU-0030Humanities101 Philosophy Problems, 4eMartin Cohen2013Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0031HumanitiesAmerican Studies, Ecocriticism, and Citizenship: Thinking and Acting in the Local and Global CommonsJoni Adamson/Kimberly N. Ruffin2013Click Here ฿7,563
GVRL-HU-0032HumanitiesAristotelian Ethics In Contemporary PerspectiveJulia Peters2013Click Here ฿7,563
GVRL-HU-0033HumanitiesCapacity For Ethical ConductDavid P. Levine2013Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-HU-0034HumanitiesDebates In Modern Philosophy 2013Click Here ฿2,440
GVRL-HU-0035HumanitiesIntroduction to Literary Studies, 3eMario Klarer2013Click Here ฿1,952
GVRL-HU-0036HumanitiesRoutledge Guidebook to Aristotle's Nicomachean EthicsGerard J. Hughes2013Click Here ฿1,708
GVRL-HU-0037HumanitiesRoutledge Guidebook to Hegel's Phenomenology of SpiritRobert Stern2013Click Here ฿1,748
GVRL-HU-0038HumanitiesRoutledge Guidebook to Heidegger's Being and TimeStephen Mulhall2013Click Here ฿1,748
GVRL-HU-0039HumanitiesRoutledge Guidebook to Locke's Essay Concerning Human UnderstandingE. J. Lowe2013Click Here ฿1,748
GVRL-HU-0040HumanitiesRoutledge Guidebook to Plato's RepublicNickolas Pappas2013Click Here ฿1,748
GVRL-HU-0041HumanitiesRoutledge Guidebook to Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Sandrine Berges2013Click Here ฿1,748
GVRL-HU-0042HumanitiesWhat Is This Thing Called Philosophy of Language?Gary Kemp2013Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-HU-0043LiteratureEssential Literary Genres: Classic LiteratureValerie Bodden2017Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0044LiteratureEssential Literary Genres: DramaRebecca Kraft Rector2017Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0045LiteratureEssential Literary Genres: Graphic NovelsAndrew Dale2017Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0046LiteratureEssential Literary Genres: MysteryRebecca Morris2017Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0047LiteratureEssential Literary Genres: NonfictionAlexis Burling2017Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0048LiteratureEssential Literary Genres: PoetryJennifer Joline Anderson2017Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0049LiteratureEssential Literary Genres: Science FictionSusan E. Hamen2017Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0050LiteratureEssential Literary Genres: Young AdultValerie Bodden2017Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0051LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V210 2017Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0052LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V211 2017Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0053LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V212 2017Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0054LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V213 2017Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0055LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V214 2017Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0056LiteratureDrama For Students, V34 2017Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0057LiteratureNovels For Students, V53 2017Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0058LiteratureNovels For Students, V54 2017Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0059LiteraturePoetry For Students, V054 2017Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0060LiteraturePoetry For Students, V055 2017Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0061LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V44 2017Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0062LiteratureSomething About the Author V301 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0063LiteratureSomething About the Author V302 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0064LiteratureSomething About the Author V303 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0065LiteratureSomething About the Author V304 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0066LiteratureSomething About the Author V305 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0067LiteratureSomething About the Author V306 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0068LiteratureSomething About the Author V307 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0069LiteratureSomething About the Author V308 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0070LiteratureSomething About the Author V309 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0071LiteratureSomething About the Author V310 2017Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0072LiteratureAmerican Writers Supplement 27 2017Click Here ฿16,752
GVRL-HU-0073LiteratureSupernatural Literature, 1e 3V 2017Click Here ฿28,096
GVRL-HU-0074LiteratureMaya Angelou: The Iconic Self, 2eMary Jane Lupton2016Click Here ฿2,928
GVRL-HU-0075LiteratureMusic of the First World WarDon Tyler2016Click Here ฿5,408
GVRL-HU-0076LiteratureSmash Hits: The 100 Songs That Defined AmericaJames E. Perone2016Click Here ฿5,408
GVRL-HU-0077LiteratureEssential Literary Themes: AntiheroJennifer Joline Anderson2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0078LiteratureEssential Literary Themes: Biblical AllusionsLindsay Bacher2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0079LiteratureEssential Literary Themes: Coming of AgeValerie Bodden2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0080LiteratureEssential Literary Themes: Fall from GraceMaryellen Lo Bosco2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0081LiteratureEssential Literary Themes: HeroAlexis Burling2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0082LiteratureEssential Literary Themes: LoveMaggie Combs2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0083LiteratureEssential Literary Themes: QuestSusan E. Hamen2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0084LiteratureEssential Literary Themes: RevengeCaitlin Ray2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0085LiteratureGhost Detectors Set 4: Book 17: Grow a GhostDotti Enderle2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0086LiteratureGhost Detectors Set 4: Book 18: Spaced OutDotti Enderle2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0087LiteratureGhost Detectors Set 4: Book 19: The Spelling Bee Specter!Adrienne Enderle2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0088LiteratureGhost Detectors Set 4: Book 20: DoggoneAdrienne Enderle2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0089LiteratureBig Ideas Simply Explained: The Literature Book 2016Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0090LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V202 2016Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0091LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V203 2016Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0092LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V204 2016Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0093LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V205 2016Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0094LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V206 2016Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0095LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V207 2016Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0096LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V208 2016Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0097LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V209 2016Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0098LiteratureDrama For Students, V33 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0099LiteratureNovels For Students, V50 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0100LiteratureNovels For Students, V51 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0101LiteratureNovels For Students, V52 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0102LiteraturePoetry For Students, V051 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0103LiteraturePoetry For Students, V052 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0104LiteraturePoetry For Students, V053 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0105LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V42 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0106LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V43 2016Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0107LiteratureSomething About The Author V286 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0108LiteratureSomething About The Author V287 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0109LiteratureSomething About The Author V288 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0110LiteratureSomething About The Author V289 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0111LiteratureSomething About The Author V290 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0112LiteratureSomething About The Author V291 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0113LiteratureSomething About The Author V292 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0114LiteratureSomething About The Author V293 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0115LiteratureSomething About The Author V294 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0116LiteratureSomething About The Author V295 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0117LiteratureSomething About The Author V296 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0118LiteratureSomething About The Author V297 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0119LiteratureSomething About The Author V298 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0120LiteratureSomething About The Author V299 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0121LiteratureSomething About the Author V300 2016Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0122LiteratureAmerican Writers Supplement 26 2016Click Here ฿16,752
GVRL-HU-0123LiteratureBritish Writers Supplement 22 2016Click Here ฿16,752
GVRL-HU-0124LiteratureBritish Writers Supplement 23 2016Click Here ฿16,752
GVRL-HU-0125LiteratureWriters Directory, 34e 6V 2016Click Here ฿25,494
GVRL-HU-0126LiteratureKids Guide to Mythology: ApolloTammy Gagne2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0127LiteratureKids Guide to Mythology: AthenaTammy Gagne2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0128LiteratureKids Guide to Mythology: HerculesJohn Bankston2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0129LiteratureKids Guide to Mythology: JasonDon Nardo2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0130LiteratureKids Guide to Mythology: OdysseusDon Nardo2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0131LiteratureKids Guide to Mythology: PoseidonTammy Gagne2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0132LiteratureKids Guide to Mythology: ThorTammy Gagne2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0133LiteratureKids Guide to Mythology: ZeusDon Nardo2016Click Here ฿1,830
GVRL-HU-0134LiteratureSOCIAL ISSUES IN LITERATURE: 37V (BUNDLE) 2016Click Here ฿103,683
GVRL-HU-0135LiteratureHitting the Books: Skills for Reading, Writing, and Research: Group ProjectsPrecious McKenzie2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0136LiteratureHitting the Books: Skills for Reading, Writing, and Research: Taking Notes and Close ReadingMeg Greve2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0137LiteratureHitting the Books: Skills for Reading, Writing, and Research: Writing a Research PaperColleen Hord2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0138LiteratureHitting the Books: Skills for Reading, Writing, and Research: Writing an Informational EssayPrecious McKenzie2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0139LiteratureHitting the Books: Skills for Reading, Writing, and Research: Writing an Opinion PaperMeg Greve2016Click Here ฿1,667
GVRL-HU-0140LiteratureCyclopedia of Literary Places, 3V 2016Click Here ฿23,867
GVRL-HU-0141LiteratureMagill's Literary Annual 2016, 2V 2016Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-HU-0142LiteratureAmerican Poets and Poetry: From Colonial Era to Present 2015Click Here ฿11,425
GVRL-HU-0143LiteratureEthnic American Literature: An Encyclopedia For Students 2015Click Here ฿6,058
GVRL-HU-0144LiteratureLiterature and Politics Today: The Political Nature of Modern Fiction, Poetry, and Drama 2015Click Here ฿5,408
GVRL-HU-0145LiteratureBritannica Common Core Library II: What Is a Song?Susan Henneberg2015Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-HU-0146LiteratureBritannica Common Core Library II: What Is A Technical Text?Jeri Freedman2015Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-HU-0147LiteratureBritannica Common Core Library II: What Is Fiction?Greg Roza2015Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-HU-0148LiteratureBritannica Common Core Library II: What Is Nonfiction?Jeanne Nagle2015Click Here ฿1,220
GVRL-HU-0149LiteratureBRITANNICA DISCOVERY LIBRARY: 12V (BUNDLE) 2015 2015Click Here ฿10,124
GVRL-HU-0150LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: Colors, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0151LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: Just for Fun, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0152LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: Me and You, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0153LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: Me, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0154LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: People and Places, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0155LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: Shapes, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0156LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: Sounds, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0157LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: Time, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0158LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: Words, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0159LiteratureBritannica Discovery Library: World Around Us, 2015 2015Click Here ฿854
GVRL-HU-0160LiteratureBig Ideas Simply Explained: The Sherlock Holmes Book 2015Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0161LiteratureShakespeare Book 2015Click Here ฿1,545
GVRL-HU-0162LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V193 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0163LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V194 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0164LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V195 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0165LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V196 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0166LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V197 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0167LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V198 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0168LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V199 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0169LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V200 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0170LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V201 2015Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0171LiteratureDrama For Students, V32 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0172LiteratureNovels For Students, V47 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0173LiteratureNovels For Students, V48 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0174LiteratureNovels For Students, V49 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0175LiteraturePoetry For Students, V048 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0176LiteraturePoetry For Students, V049 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0177LiteraturePoetry For Students, V050 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0178LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V40 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0179LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V41 2015Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0180LiteratureSomething About the Author V271 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0181LiteratureSomething About the Author V272 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0182LiteratureSomething About the Author V273 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0183LiteratureSomething About the Author V274 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0184LiteratureSomething About the Author V275 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0185LiteratureSomething About the Author V276 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0186LiteratureSomething About the Author V277 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0187LiteratureSomething About the Author V278 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0188LiteratureSomething About the Author V279 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0189LiteratureSomething About the Author V280 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0190LiteratureSomething About the Author V281 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0191LiteratureSomething About the Author V282 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0192LiteratureSomething About the Author V283 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0193LiteratureSomething About The Author V284 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0194LiteratureSomething About The Author V285 2015Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0195LiteratureAmerican Writers Supplement 25 2015Click Here ฿16,752
GVRL-HU-0196LiteratureBritish Writers Supplement 21 2015Click Here ฿16,752
GVRL-HU-0197LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Wilderness Adventure in Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild 2015Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0198LiteratureCritical Survey of Shakespeare's Sonnets 2015Click Here ฿7,563
GVRL-HU-0199LiteratureCyclopedia of Literary Characters, 4e 5V 2015Click Here ฿27,486
GVRL-HU-0200LiteratureMagill's Literary Annual 2015, 2V 2015Click Here ฿11,791
GVRL-HU-0201LiteratureEssential Authors for Children and Teens: Great Authors of Children's Books 2014Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-HU-0202LiteratureEssential Authors for Children and Teens: Great Authors of Classic Literature 2014Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-HU-0203LiteratureEssential Authors for Children and Teens: Great Authors of Mystery, Horror and Thrillers 2014Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-HU-0204LiteratureEssential Authors for Children and Teens: Great Authors of Nonfiction 2014Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-HU-0205LiteratureEssential Authors for Children and Teens: Great Authors of Popular Fiction 2014Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-HU-0206LiteratureEssential Authors for Children and Teens: Great Authors of Science Fiction and Fantasy 2014Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-HU-0207LiteratureEssential Authors for Children and Teens: Great Poets and Playwrights 2014Click Here ฿2,318
GVRL-HU-0208LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V186 2014Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0209LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V187 2014Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0210LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V188 2014Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0211LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V189 2014Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0212LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V190 2014Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0213LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V191 2014Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0214LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V192 2014Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0215LiteratureDrama For Students, V31 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0216LiteratureNovels For Students, V44 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0217LiteratureNovels For Students, V45 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0218LiteratureNovels For Students, V46 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0219LiteraturePoetry For Students, V045 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0220LiteraturePoetry For Students, V046 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0221LiteraturePoetry For Students, V047 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0222LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V38 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0223LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V39 2014Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0224LiteratureSomething About the Author V257 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0225LiteratureSomething About the Author V258 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0226LiteratureSomething About the Author V259 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0227LiteratureSomething About the Author V260 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0228LiteratureSomething About the Author V261 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0229LiteratureSomething About the Author V262 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0230LiteratureSomething About the Author V263 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0231LiteratureSomething About the Author V264 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0232LiteratureSomething About the Author V265 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0233LiteratureSomething About the Author V266 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0234LiteratureSomething About the Author V267 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0235LiteratureSomething About the Author V268 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0236LiteratureSomething About the Author V269 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0237LiteratureSomething About the Author V270 2014Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0238LiteratureAmerican Writers Supplement 24 2014Click Here ฿16,752
GVRL-HU-0239LiteratureBritish Writers Supplement 20 2014Click Here ฿16,752
GVRL-HU-0240LiteratureIndians of North America: Literatures of the American IndianA. Lavonne Brown Ruoff2014Click Here ฿935
GVRL-HU-0241LiteratureEncyclopedia of Renaissance Literature, 2eJames Wyatt Cook2014Click Here ฿4,229
GVRL-HU-0242LiteratureLiterary Movements: Encyclopedia of Adventure Fiction, 2eDon D'Ammassa2014Click Here ฿4,554
GVRL-HU-0243LiteratureLiterary Movements: Encyclopedia of Ancient Literature, 2eJames Wyatt Cook2014Click Here ฿4,554
GVRL-HU-0244LiteratureLiterary Movements: Encyclopedia of Beat Literature, 2eKurt Hemmer2014Click Here ฿4,554
GVRL-HU-0245LiteratureLiterary Movements: Encyclopedia of Gothic Literature, 2eMary Ellen Snodgrass2014Click Here ฿4,554
GVRL-HU-0246LiteratureLiterary Movements: Encyclopedia of Literary Romanticism, 2eAndrew Maunder2014Click Here ฿4,554
GVRL-HU-0247LiteratureLiterary Movements: Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature ,2eJay Ruud2014Click Here ฿5,164
GVRL-HU-0248LiteratureLiterary Movements: Encyclopedia of the Literature of Empire, 2eMary Ellen Snodgrass2014Click Here ฿4,554
GVRL-HU-0249LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Class Conflict Tale Two CitiesDedria Bryfonski2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0250LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Death in Old Man and the SeaDedria Bryfonski2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0251LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Race in the Poetry of Langston HughesClaudia Durst Johnson2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0252LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Sexuality in the Comedies of William ShakespeareDavid M. Haugen2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0253LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Sexuality in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamGary Wiener2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0254LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Slavery/Racism in the Narrative of the Life of Frederick DouglassClaudia Durst Johnson2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0255LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Violence in Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork OrangeDedria Bryfonski2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0256LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Violence in the Hunger Games TrilogyGary Wiener2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0257LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: War in A Farewell to ArmsDavid M. Haugen2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0258LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Wildness in London's Call the WildNoah Berlatsky2014Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0259LiteratureJr. Graphic Ghost Stories: AmityvilleJohn Perritano2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0260LiteratureJr. Graphic Ghost Stories: Flying DutchmanJane H. Gould2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0261LiteratureJr. Graphic Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Civil War SoldiersJohn Perritano2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0262LiteratureJr. Graphic Ghost Stories: Maid of the MistTanya Anderson2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0263LiteratureJr. Graphic Ghost Stories: Sleepy HollowLisa Colozza Cocca2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0264LiteratureJr. Graphic Ghost Stories: White Lady GhostTam Cassidy2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0265LiteratureJr. Graphic Monster Stories: GremlinsMark Cheatham2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0266LiteratureJr. Graphic Monster Stories: Haunted HousesSandra Dooling2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0267LiteratureJr. Graphic Monster Stories: Shape-ShiftersDavid L. Ferrell2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0268LiteratureJr. Graphic Monster Stories: Sorcerers Spells and MagicSandra Dooling2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0269LiteratureJr. Graphic Monster Stories: UFOsSteven Roberts2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0270LiteratureJr. Graphic Monster Stories: Undead!Steven Roberts2014Click Here ฿1,586
GVRL-HU-0271LiteratureJr. Graphic Myths: Greek Heroes: Achilles and the Trojan WarDavid L. Ferrell2014Click Here ฿1,586
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GVRL-HU-0273LiteratureJr. Graphic Myths: Greek Heroes: Labors of HeraclesJohanna Ehrmann2014Click Here ฿1,586
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GVRL-HU-0275LiteratureJr. Graphic Myths: Greek Heroes: Theseus and the MinotaurJohanna Ehrmann2014Click Here ฿1,586
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GVRL-HU-0280LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V176 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0281LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V177 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0282LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V178 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0283LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V179 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0284LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V180 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0285LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V181 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0286LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V182 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0287LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V183 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0288LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V184 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0289LiteratureChildren's Literature Review V185 2013Click Here ฿19,435
GVRL-HU-0290LiteratureDrama For Students, V30 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0291LiteratureFOR STUDENT ONLINE 2013 2013Click Here ฿1,020,200
GVRL-HU-0292LiteratureNovels For Students, V41 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0293LiteratureNovels For Students, V42 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0294LiteratureNovels For Students, V43 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0295LiteraturePoetry For Students, V042 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0296LiteraturePoetry For Students, V043 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0297LiteraturePoetry For Students, V044 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0298LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V36 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0299LiteratureShort Stories For Students, V37 2013Click Here ฿9,636
GVRL-HU-0300LiteratureSomething About the Author V242 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0301LiteratureSomething About the Author V243 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0302LiteratureSomething About the Author V244 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0303LiteratureSomething About the Author V245 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0304LiteratureSomething About the Author V246 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0305LiteratureSomething About the Author V247 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0306LiteratureSomething About the Author V248 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0307LiteratureSomething About the Author V249 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0308LiteratureSomething About the Author V250 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0309LiteratureSomething About the Author V251 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0310LiteratureSomething About the Author V252 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0311LiteratureSomething About the Author V253 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0312LiteratureSomething About the Author V254 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0313LiteratureSomething About the Author V255 2013Click Here ฿13,580
GVRL-HU-0314LiteratureSomething About the Author V256 2013Click Here ฿13,580
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GVRL-HU-0316LiteratureBritish Writers Supplement 19 2013Click Here ฿16,752
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GVRL-HU-0344LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Family Dysfunction in William Faulkner's As I Lay DyingClaudia Johnson2013Click Here ฿2,806
GVRL-HU-0345LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: Food Industry in Eric Schlosser's Fast Food NationDavid M. Haugen2013Click Here ฿2,806
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GVRL-HU-0347LiteratureSocial Issues in Literature: War in Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western FrontNoah Berlatsky2013Click Here ฿2,806
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