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Subject 1Subject 2TitleAuthorVolumeEditionPrint Pub DateeISBNPreview
AstronomyAstrophysicsAstrophysics for PhysicistsArnab Rai Choudhuri  11-Mar-109780511802218Click Here
AstronomyObservational Astronomy, Techniques and InstrumentationHandbook of X-ray AstronomyEdited by Keith Arnaud, Randall Smith, Aneta Siemiginowska  29-Sep-119781139034234Click Here
ChemistryPhysical ChemistryCrystallization of PolymersMandelkernVolume 22nd Edition30 Sep 20049780511535413Click Here
Classical StudiesAncient PhilosophyAristotle, Plato and Pythagoreanism in the First Century BC: New Directions for PhilosophySchofield  11 Dec 20129781139096713Click Here
Computer ScienceProgramming Languages and Applied LogicBasic Proof TheoryTroelstra/Schwichtenberg 2nd Edition17 Jul 20009781139168717Click Here
Computer ScienceArtificial Intelligence and Natural Language ProcessingBrain-Computer Interfacing: An IntroductionRao  10 Sep 20139781139032803Click Here
Computer ScienceSoftware Engineering and DevelopmentBuilding Parallel, Embedded, and Real-Time Applications with AdaMcCormick/Singhoff/Hugues  07 Apr 20119780511973345Click Here
Computer ScienceDistributed, Networked and Mobile ComputingEmerging Wireless Technologies and the Future Mobile InternetRaychaudhuri/Gerla  29 Jan 20119780511921117Click Here
Computer ScienceKnowledge Management, Databases and Data MiningFoundations of Data ExchangeArenas et al  22 Jan 20149781139060158Click Here
Computer ScienceKnowledge Management, Databases and Data MiningRecommender Systems: An IntroductionJannach et al  30 Sep 20109780511763113Click Here
Computer ScienceCommunications, Information Theory and SecuritySecurity and Game Theory: Algorithms, Deployed Systems, Lessons LearnedTambe  12 Dec 20119780511973031Click Here
Computer ScienceSoftware Engineering and DevelopmentSoftware Modeling and Design: UML, Use Cases, Patterns, and Software ArchitecturesGomaa  21 Feb 20119780511779183Click Here
Earth and Environmental SciencesSolid Earth GeophysicsGlobal Optimization Methods in Geophysical InversionSen/Stoffa 2nd Edition11 Dec 20129780511997570Click Here
EconomicsMicroeconomicsBehavioral Rationality and Heterogeneous Expectations in Complex Economic SystemsHommes  11 Dec 20129781139094276Click Here
EconomicsInternational EconomicsCommunity Capitalism in China: The State, the Market, and CollectivismHou  11 Dec 20129781139343749Click Here
EconomicsEconomic Development and GrowthThe Limits of Institutional Reform in Development: Changing Rules for Realistic SolutionsAndrews  11 Dec 20129781139060974Click Here
EconomicsLabour EconomicsThe Shadow Economy: An International SurveySchneider/Enste 2nd Edition11 Dec 20129781139542289Click Here
EducationEducation, History, TheoryEarly Childhood Curriculum: Planning, Assessment, and ImplementationMcLachlan/Fleer/Edwards  22 Mar 20109780511844829Click Here
EducationEducation, History, TheoryEducational Leadership: Together Creating Ethical Learning EnvironmentsDuignan 2nd Edition21 May 20129781139197045Click Here
EducationEducation, History, TheoryLiteraciesKalantzis/Cope  16 Apr 20129781139196581Click Here
EducationEducation, History, TheoryNew Learning: Elements of a Science of EducationKalantzis/Cope  13 May 20089780511811951Click Here
EducationEducation, History, TheoryScience in Early ChildhoodCampbell/Jobling  21 May 20129781139197007Click Here
EducationEducation, History, TheoryYoung Children and the Environment: Early Education for SustainabilityDavis  11 Feb 20109780511845390Click Here
EngineeringWireless CommunicationsAdaptive Wireless Communications: MIMO Channels and NetworksBliss/Govindasamy  11 Dec 20129781139519465Click Here
EngineeringCommunications and Signal ProcessingAdvanced Optical Wireless Communication SystemsArnon et al  24 May 20129780511979187Click Here
EngineeringMaterials ScienceAn Introduction to Polymer PhysicsBower  30 May 20029780511801280Click Here
EngineeringCommunications and Signal ProcessingApplied Optimization Methods for Wireless NetworksHou/Shi/Sherali  10 Apr 20149781139088466Click Here
EngineeringMaterials ScienceDendrimers, Dendrons, and Dendritic Polymers: Discovery, Applications, and the FutureTomalia/Christensen/Boas  23 Jul 20129781139048859Click Here
EngineeringMaterials ScienceFundamentals of Polymer-Clay NanocompositesBeall/Powell  07 Jul 20119780511977312Click Here
EngineeringMaterials ScienceLiquid Crystalline PolymersDonald/Windle/Hanna 2nd Edition28 Apr 20059780511616044Click Here
EngineeringMaterials SciencePhysical Properties of PolymersMark et al 3rd Edition17 Mar 20049781139165167Click Here
EngineeringMaterials SciencePolymers at Surfaces and InterfacesJones/Richards  22 Apr 19999780511623196Click Here
EngineeringWireless CommunicationsPrinciples of Wireless Sensor NetworksObaidat/Misra  04 Dec 20149781139030960Click Here
EngineeringMaterials ScienceThe Physics of Deformation and Fracture of PolymersArgon  11 Dec 20129781139033046Click Here
EngineeringMaterials ScienceThe Science of Polymer MoleculesBoyd/Phillips  09 Dec 19939780511600326Click Here
EngineeringMaterials ScienceNonlinear Optical Polarization Analysis in Chemistry and BiologyGarth J. Simpson  01-Nov-169781139019026Click Here
History Cross DisciplineEconomic HistoryThe Foundations of Worldwide Economic Integration: Power, Institutions, and Global Markets, 1850-1930Dejung/Petersson  11 Dec 20129781139343220Click Here
Language and LinguisticsDiscourse AnalysisDiscourse and Knowledge: A Sociocognitive ApproachDijk  17 Jul 20149781107775404Click Here
Language and LinguisticsApplied LinguisticsFirst Exposure to a Second Language: Learners' Initial Input ProcessingHan/Rast  29 Sep 20149781139084390Click Here
Language and LinguisticsCognitive LinguisticsLanguage and Time: A Cognitive Linguistics ApproachEvans  14 Aug 20139781107340626Click Here
Language and LinguisticsStylisticsThe Cambridge Handbook of StylisticsStockwell/Whiteley  22 Jan 20149781139237031Click Here
Language and LinguisticsPsycholinguistics and NeurolinguisticsAwareness and Control in Sociolinguistic ResearchEdited by Anna M. Babel  21-Jul-169781139680448Click Here
Language and LinguisticsPsycholinguistics and NeurolinguisticsCase Studies in Communication DisordersLouise Cummings  01-Sep-169781316651100Click Here
Language and LinguisticsAsian Language and LinguisticsCommunicating with Asia: The Future of English as a Global LanguageEdited by Gerhard Leitner, Azirah Hashim, Hans-Georg Wolf  11-Jan-169781107477186Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsCommunication Accommodation Theory: Negotiating Personal Relationships and Social Identities across ContextsEdited by Howard Giles  18-Aug-169781316226537Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsDialect Matters: Respecting Vernacular LanguagePeter Trudgill  01-Jul-169781316418109Click Here
Language and LinguisticsPhonetics and PhonologyDimensions of Phonological StressEdited by Jeffrey Heinz, Rob Goedemans, Harry van der Hulst  01-Nov-169781316212745Click Here
Language and LinguisticsDiscourse AnalysisDiscourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change in English: New Methods and InsightsEdited by Heike Pichler  02-Jun-169781107295476Click Here
Language and LinguisticsPhonetics and PhonologyIntonation and Prosodic StructureCaroline Féry  01-Nov-169781139022064Click Here
Language and LinguisticsPsycholinguistics and NeurolinguisticsIntroducing Language and Cognition: A Map of the MindMichael Sharwood Smith  01-Dec-169781316591505Click Here
Language and LinguisticsApplied LinguisticsLanguage Learning and the Brain: Lexical Processing in Second Language AcquisitionUlf Schütze  01-Oct-169781316665619Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsLanguage Maintenance and ShiftAnne Pauwels  01-Jul-169781107338869Click Here
Language and LinguisticsResearch Methods in LinguisticsMixed Methods: Interviews, Surveys, and Cross-Cultural ComparisonsRobert W. Schrauf  01-Nov-169781316544914Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsModality and Propositional AttitudesMichael Hegarty  25-Jan-169781316084434Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsPoliteness, Impoliteness and Ritual: Maintaining the Moral Order in Interpersonal InteractionDániel Z. Kádár  27-Apr-179781107280465Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsPragmatic Markers in British English: Meaning in Social InteractionKate Beeching  31-Jan-169781139507110Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsSemantics for Counting and MeasuringSusan Rothstein  06-Apr-179780511734830Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsSociolinguistics: Theoretical DebatesEdited by Nikolas Coupland  20-Jun-169781107449787Click Here
Language and LinguisticsPhonetics and PhonologySounds Fascinating: Further Observations on English Phonetics and PhonologyJ. C. Wells  19-Sep-169781316662342Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSociolinguisticsTeen Talk: The Language of AdolescentsSali A. Tagliamonte  06-Jun-169781139583800Click Here
Language and LinguisticsGrammar and SyntaxThe Cambridge Handbook of Areal LinguisticsEdited by Raymond Hickey  20-Apr-179781107279872Click Here
Language and LinguisticsCognitive LinguisticsThe Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive LinguisticsEdited by Barbara Dancygier  01-Jun-179781316339732Click Here
Language and LinguisticsSemantics and PragmaticsThe Cambridge Handbook of Formal SemanticsEdited by Maria Aloni, Paul Dekker  07-Jul-169781139236157Click Here
Language and LinguisticsResearch Methods in LinguisticsThe Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic TypologyEdited by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, R. M. W. Dixon  01-Jan-179781316135716Click Here
Language and LinguisticsMorphologyThe Cambridge Handbook of MorphologyEdited by Andrew Hippisley, Gregory Stump  01-Nov-169781139814720Click Here
Language and LinguisticsMorphologyThe Semantics of CompoundingEdited by Pius ten Hacken  21-Apr-169781316163122Click Here
Language and LinguisticsEnglish Language and Linguistics: General InterestWomen Talk More Than Men: ... And Other Myths about Language ExplainedAbby Kaplan  11-Apr-169781316027141Click Here
LawSocio-Legal StudiesEquality in Education Law and Policy, 1954-2010Superfine  11 Dec 20129781139061797Click Here
LawEnvironmental LawGreen Governance: Ecological Survival, Human Rights, and the Law of the CommonsWeston/Bollier  11 Dec 20129781139540582Click Here
Life SciencesMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Structural BiologyFeeding and the Texture of FoodVincent/Lillford  24 Oct 19919780511600555Click Here
Life SciencesPlant SciencesFungal Biology in the Origin and Emergence of LifeMoore  11 Dec 20129781139524049Click Here
Life SciencesBiological Anthropology and PrimatologyHuman Identity and IdentificationGowland/Thompson  11 Dec 20129781139029988Click Here
Life SciencesBiotechnologyMethodologies for Metabolomics: Experimental Strategies and TechniquesLutz/Sweedler/Wevers  11 Dec 20129780511996634Click Here
Life SciencesNeurosciencesNerve and MuscleKeynes/Aidley/Huang 4th Edition06 Jan 20119780511973932Click Here
Life SciencesMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Structural BiologyPrinciples and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyWilson/Walker 6th Edition21 Mar 20059780511813412Click Here
Life SciencesBiotechnologySuccessful Agricultural Innovation in Emerging Economies: New Genetic Technologies for Global Food ProductionBennett/Jennings  11 Dec 20129781139208475Click Here
Life SciencesEcology and ConservationThe Balance of Nature and Human ImpactRohde  11 Dec 20129781139095075Click Here
ManagementMarketingPrinciples and Practice of Social Marketing: An International PerspectiveDonovan/Henley  19 Jul 20109780511761751Click Here
ManagementManagement: General InterestThe Business of Corporate Learning: Insights from PracticeBen-Hur  11 Dec 20129781139208789Click Here
MathematicsMathematical Modeling and MethodsCalculus: Concepts and MethodsBinmore/Davies  31 Jan 20029780511802997Click Here
MathematicsReal and Complex AnalysisClassical and Multilinear Harmonic AnalysisMuscalu/SchlagVolume 2 02 Nov 20129781139410397Click Here
MathematicsFluid Dynamics and Solid MechanicsIntroduction to MagnetohydrodynamicsP. A. Davidson 2nd Edition22-Dec-169781316672853Click Here
MedicinePsychiatry and Clinical PsychologyBipolar II Disorder: Modelling, Measuring and ManagingParker 2nd Edition12 Apr 20129781139003315Click Here
MedicineEpidemiology Public Health and Medical StatisticsEssential Public Health: Theory and PracticeGillam/Yates/Badrinath 2nd Edition28 Jun 20129781139059442Click Here
MedicinePathology and Laboratory ScienceHuman Molecular Biology: An Introduction to the Molecular Basis of Health and DiseaseEpstein  24 Oct 20029780511618130Click Here
MedicineMedical Law, Ethics and forensic MedicineResearch Ethics: A Philosophical Guide to the Responsible Conduct of ResearchComstock  11 Dec 20129780511902703Click Here
MedicinePsychiatry and Clinical PsychologyThe Autism Spectrum: Scientific Foundations and TreatmentReber  11 Oct 20129780511978616Click Here
MedicineNeurology and Clinical NeuroscienceThe Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of StrokeGodefroy 2nd Edition11 Dec 20129781139058988Click Here
MedicineNeurology and Clinical NeuroscienceThe Biology of Multiple SclerosisAtkins et al  08 Nov 20129780511979088Click Here
PhilosophyClassical PhilosophyExplorations in Ancient and Modern PhilosophyBurnyeatVolume 2 15 Jul 20119780511974069Click Here
PhilosophyLogicLogicism and its Philosophical LegacyDemopoulos  11 Dec 20129781139342605Click Here
PhilosophyPhilosophy of Mind and LanguageThe Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive ScienceFrankish/Ramsey  07 Jul 20129781139033916Click Here
PhilosophyHistory of PhilosophyThe Evolution of Modern Metaphysics: Making Sense of ThingsMoore  15 Jul 20119781139029223Click Here
PhysicsCosmology, Relativity and GravitationAn Illustrated Guide to RelativityTakeuchi  20 Jul 20109780511779121Click Here
PhysicsTheoretical Physics and Mathematical PhysicsCausality, Measurement Theory and the Differentiable Structure of Space-TimeSen  11 Feb 20109780511674761Click Here
PhysicsParticle Physics and Nuclear PhysicsHeavy Quark PhysicsManohar/Wise  28 Mar 20009780511529351Click Here
PhysicsOptics, Optoelectronics and PhotonicsIntroduction to Modern Digital Holography: With MatlabPoon/Liu  22 Jan 20149781139061346Click Here
PhysicsCondensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Mesoscopic PhysicsMagnetism and Magnetic MaterialsCoey  08 Dec 20099780511845000Click Here
PhysicsQuantum Physics, Quantum Information and Quantum ComputationQuantum Concepts in Physics: An Alternative Approach to the Understanding of Quantum MechanicsLongair  11 Dec 20129781139062060Click Here
PhysicsGeneral and Classical PhysicsThe Cambridge Handbook of Physics FormulasWoan  12 Jan 20009780511755828Click Here
PhysicsComputational Science and ModellingLearning Scientific Programming with PythonChristian Hill  04-Feb-169781139871754Click Here
PhysicsCondensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Mesoscopic PhysicsQuantum Scaling in Many-Body Systems: An Approach to Quantum Phase TransitionsMucio Continentino 2nd Edition17-Apr-179781316576854Click Here
Politics and International RelationsPolitical TheoryBeyond Church and State: Democracy, Secularism, and ConversionScherer  11 Dec 20129781139199261Click Here
Politics and International RelationsPolitical TheoryDemocratizing Global Climate GovernanceStevenson/Dryzek  22 Jan 20149781139208628Click Here
Politics and International RelationsInternational Relations and International OrganisationsHuman Rights in International RelationsForsythe 3rd Edition28 Dec 20119781139059114Click Here
Politics and International RelationsPolitical EconomyInequality and Democratization: An Elite-Competition ApproachAnsell/Samuels  26 Sep 20149780511843686Click Here
Politics and International RelationsInternational Relations and International OrganisationsInternational Law and International Relations: An International Organization ReaderSimmons/Steinberg  09 Apr 20079780511808760Click Here
Politics and International RelationsPolitical TheoryMachiavelli and the Modern State: The Prince, the Discourses on Livy, and the Extended Territorial RepublicArdito  26 Feb 20159781107447691Click Here
Politics and International RelationsPolitical TheoryModern Pluralism: Anglo-American Debates Since 1880Bevir  19 Apr 20129781139084451Click Here
Politics and International RelationsEast Asian Government, Politics and PolicySocial Organizations and the Authoritarian State in ChinaHildebrandt  11 Dec 20129781139108768Click Here
Politics and International RelationsPolitical TheoryThe Foundations of Deliberative Democracy: Empirical Research and Normative ImplicationsSteiner  21 Jun 20129781139057486Click Here
Politics and International RelationsComparative PoliticsWhy Governments and Parties Manipulate Elections: Theory, Practice, and ImplicationsSimpser  11 Dec 20129781139343824Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyAdaptive Technologies for Training and EducationDurlach/Lesgold  28 Dec 20119781139049580Click Here
PsychologyDevelopmental PsychologyChildhood Programs and Practices in the First Decade of Life: A Human Capital IntegrationReynolds et al  23 Aug 20109780511762666Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyCognitive Load TheoryPlass/Moreno/Brünken  26 Apr 20109780511844744Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyConceptions of GiftednessSternberg/Davidson 2nd Edition16 May 20059780511610455Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyCultural Foundations of Learning: East and WestLi  26 Mar 20129781139028400Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyEnhancing the Quality of Learning: Dispositions, Instruction, and Learning ProcessesKirby/Lawson  21 May 20129781139048224Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyExplorations in GiftednessSternberg/Jarvin/Grigorenko  20 Jul 20109780511778049Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyGames, Learning, and Society: Learning and Meaning in the Digital AgeSteinkuehler/Squire/Barab  11 Jun 20129781139031127Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyLearning by Expanding: An Activity-Theoretical Approach to Developmental ResearchEngeström 2nd Edition04 Dec 20149781139814744Click Here
PsychologyDevelopmental PsychologyOrigins of Possession: Owning and Sharing in DevelopmentRochat  11 Sep 20149781139424608Click Here
PsychologyPersonality Psychology and Individual DifferencesThe Cambridge Handbook of IntelligenceSternberg/Kaufman  30 May 20119780511977244Click Here
PsychologyCognitionThe Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia LearningMayer 2nd Edition14 Jun 20149781139547369Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyThe Cambridge Handbook of the Learning SciencesSawyer  24 Apr 20059780511816833Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyUnderstanding Education and Educational ResearchSmeyers/Smith  10 Nov 20149780511920714Click Here
PsychologyEducational PsychologyReflections on the Learning SciencesEdited by Michael A. Evans, Martin J. Packer, R. Keith Sawyer  04-Feb-169781107707221Click Here
SociologyPolitical SociologyNegativity in Democratic Politics: Causes and ConsequencesSoroka  07 Apr 20149781107477971Click Here
SociologySocial TheoryThe Natural Law Foundations of Modern Social Theory: A Quest for UniversalismChernilo  11 Dec 20129780511842511Click Here
Statistics and ProbabilityStatistical Theory and MethodsCase-Control StudiesKeogh/Cox  22 Jan 20149781139094757Click Here
Statistics and ProbabilityStatistical Theory and MethodsCore StatisticsWood  02 Apr 20159781107741973Click Here
Statistics and ProbabilityStatistics for Life Sciences, Medicine and HealthIntroduction to Statistical Methods for Biosurveillance: With an Emphasis on Syndromic SurveillanceFricker  11 Dec 20129781139047906Click Here
Statistics and ProbabilityStatistics for Life Sciences, Medicine and HealthPreventing and Treating Missing Data in Longitudinal Clinical Trials: A Practical GuideMallinckrodt  11 Dec 20129781139381666Click Here
Statistics and ProbabilityStatistical Theory and MethodsPrivacy, Big Data, and the Public Good: Frameworks for EngagementLane et al  09 Jun 20149781107590205Click Here
Statistics and ProbabilityProbability Theory and Stochastic ProcessesProbability and Statistics by ExampleSuhov/KelbertVolume 12nd Edition22 Sep 20149781139087773Click Here


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